25 April 2012

Amazing Science!: A Review

This has been one of our very fave review products from this year!  Science and Math.com's Amazing Science Volume 1 is awesome!  

This 2-disc dvd set shows and explains 23 different science experiments for you to try at home.  Watching these experiments and then doing them with your kiddos helps you learn about buoyancy, electricity, heat, magnetism, pressure, surface tension, temperature and more.  

Jason Gibson--a real "rocket scientist"--is the host of each experiment on these discs and he does a great job of performing them and explaining them.  He goes step-by-step and keeps it simple, giving a materials list with each one.  The materials required were easy-to-find, mostly household products.  When watching these we were not only impressed with the results of the experiments, we were learning the science behind the demonstrations.  

Here is a little teaser for you:

From the first moment we began to watch the discs, we couldn't wait to get started on trying some of the experiments ourselves!  

The first one we tried was Color Changing Milk, a most impressive and easy experiment, that simply needed whole milk, liquid dish soap, a plate and a cotton swab to do.  

You can tell by the expressions on my kiddos' faces just how much fun they had doing this one.  And just for the record, while the video recommends Dawn dish soap we used generic and it worked great!  

If I had been willing to let them have more milk, the kiddos would have done this one over and over.

Next we tried Candle Suction Power.  This one worked perfectly as well and was pretty impressive.  

My children were definitely impressed!

Another we tried was Lift an Ice Cube with String.  Our results weren't as great with this one, but I'm pretty sure it was due to the fact we used yarn and not string (since I didn't have any string).  Still we got marginal results even with yarn and the kiddos were pleased.  

We also tried Matchstick Speedboat and Exploring Air Pressure with great results, too!  And we have quite the list of the experiments that we want to try next.  I'm pretty sure we'll be trying them all.  There is so much to be learned from these simple activities.  

This set of dvd's is available at Science and Math.com for $19.99.  I think that is a great price and totally worth it for all of the information that you receive in the 2-disc set.  So head over to their website and check out this great product that will definitely liven up science around your house.

You can also read more of what other homeschool parents have to say about this product at the Homeschool Crew blog.  

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this dvd set through The Old Schoolhouse Homeschool Crew and Math and Science.com in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.  


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