31 May 2012

Dive Into Your Imagination: A Review

I must admit, the kids and myself love all things about the ocean!  We are beach bums whenever we get the chance to be--I've even tried my hand at snorkeling a couple of times--and we all love to swim in the ocean, so I was excited to receive this very cool dvd by Dive Into Your Imagination called Dive Into Diversity for us to review.  

Dive Into Diversity is just one in a series of educational dvd's created by Annie Crawley, aka Ocean Annie.  Annie is a scuba diving instructor, an underwater photographer and underwater cinematographer.  She is the voice you hear on this video and her love and passion for the ocean and the amazing creatures that live there come through in a beautiful way as she narrates throughout the film.  

This dvd contains 8 short videos about all of the diversity in our oceans.  The chapter titles are:

  • Night Diving on the Reef
  • Dive Into Diversity!
  • Be a Submarine Pilot
  • Swim in a Kelp Forest
  • Invertebrates of the Sea!
  • Coral Reef Living
  • Vertebrates: Animals with a Backbone
  • Wacky, Weird, Crusty Crustaceans 
There is also some bonus footage included that was fun for us to watch as well.  

To go along with these wonderful dvd's Annie has created Educators Guides for PreK-K and also for Grades 1-3.  These are designed for a classroom, but are easily adaptable for homeschooling as well.  For each video on the dvd there is a lesson plan that includes character education, imaginative play, questions for the students that prompt discussion and enhancing learning during the video, a glossary of scientific terms, suggested book lists and much more.  There are also printables of coloring sheets, activity pages and more for each lesson.  

This dvd is available for $19.95.  The Educators Guides are available in print form or as a pdf download.  The print version costs $299, which is quite pricey.  However, if you purchase any of the dvd's in this series (Dive Into Diversity, Who Lives in the Sea?, and What Makes a Fish a Fish?) and you mention in the comments that you are a home educator and would like to receive the pdf version of the Educators Guides (a $69 value!) they will send them to you for free.  They are also currently offering free shipping on the dvd's also.  I don't know just how long this special for home educators will run, but it certainly is a wonderful deal to take advantage of right now!

My kiddos really did love this dvd!  We are enjoying the lessons as well.  We are hoping to return to the beach for a little vacation time later this year and it will be fun to know more about one of our favorite destinations when we arrive.  If your kiddos are a fan of the ocean then I know you will enjoy this program also!

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Disclaimer: I received a copy of this dvd and the pdf version of the Educators Guide through The Old Schoolhouse Homeschool Crew and Dive Into Your Imagination in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.  


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