07 May 2012

The Weekly Plan {May 7th}

Last week our *Home Ec* day was a HUGE success!  I'm sure the kiddos thought I was a slave driver, but we got A LOT accomplished!  In fact, I stuck to my schedule really well in most areas, except for the cleaning out of closets and ironing...ugh.  BUT I did get my car TOTALLY cleaned out and that wasn't even on my plan.  I have to say though I was embarrassed and humiliated to see how horribly dirty the underneath of the backseats was...ahem...do I even need to say that it's not me who sits back there?  My children may never get to eat another morsel of food in the car again!

Forgetting the fossilized food in my car and moving on...I did try some yummy new healthier recipes this week that were hits.  This chicken salad was amazing; we absolutely LOVE these turkey burgers and the baked onion rings were good--they just needed a little more seasoning, these oven-baked zucchini fries were good, and today I made this yummy healthy pasta dish.  So far I've gotten the kiddos to at least try all of these new things I've been making.  I've implemented a new rule recently, too, that says they have to try at least one new-to-them veggie a week.  In order to enforce that I've been buying all kinds of fresh veggies at the store.  I'm loving it!

I have to confess, my biggest problem with these healthier recipes is that I have liked them so much that I think I've blown my portion control.  It doesn't really help if it's healthy, but you eat too much of it!  ha!  Going to try to do better this week.

-Changes sheets, do some laundry, do ironing
-Dinner: Pinto Beans & Buttermilk Cornbread

-Clean bathrooms, do some laundry
-Dinner: Turkey Burgers, Sweet Potato Fries and salad

-Girl Scout Meeting
-Dinner:  Turkey Club Sandwiches with Baked Chips

-Dust the woodwork in the house, do some laundry
-Dinner:  Teryaki Grilled Chicken, Asian Green Beans and Salad

-Field Day with our Homeschool Group
-Do some laundry
-Dinner: Grilled Tuna Melts with Mashed Cauliflower

-Build & Grow workshop at Lowe's
-Ice Skating with Girl Scout troop in Nashville
-Dinner:  ...I'm thinking...Jack-in-the-Box!  I love their tacos!

{Mothers Day!}

What do you have planned this week?

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