24 July 2012

Dinos, Dromedarys and More

This past weekend we made our 2nd visit (you can read about our 1st visit here) to the Creation Museum!  We love that place!!  The entire facility is so beautiful and the exhibits so well done.  Both visits have been great experiences for us.  The exhibits, the films, the interactive displays ...truly a fun and educational experience.  I especially love their bookstore, too, so many great things in there!  Here are some highlights from our 2-day visit (right now your tickets are good for two consecutive days!).  

the mastadon skeleton in the main entrance hall

reading some interesting displays

checking out the {very cool} new *Lucy* exhibit

taking a little break to work a Noah's Ark puzzle

sporting their dinosaur balloon hats made for them by a friend

having fun *helping Noah build the ark* with a fun interactive computer game

walking in the gardens {they are really beautiful!}

trying to pet the goats in the petting zoo

petting the *zorse* and the *zonkey*

in the gardens

feeding the koi

walking in the gardens

my favorite part of the garden

taking a ride on a dromedary named Gomer

If you've been thinking of visiting the Creation Museum and wondered if it was worth the money--you should totally do it!  Definitely worth the experience, it's a lovely place to visit and learn.  

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