13 July 2012

A Pumpkin Bread Makeover

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So, recently I've mentioned my gluten-free experiment with my son, right?  To put it in his words, "it's a lot harder to be gluten-free than I thought it would be!".  Of course, I knew it was going to be hard ...that's why I put off trying this for so long:)

This past week though I got brave and decided to try substituting gluten-free rice flour for regular flour in one of my regular recipes.  I decided to start with something that would be good for breakfast and snacking: Pumpkin Cream Cheese  Bread.  We all love that one!

So I did, I subbed the rice flour with a little bit of almond meal (ground almonds) for the amount of regular flour called for (I also added some chocolate chips for good measure ...you know, in case it didn't taste that good-ha).  And you know what?  It turned out AMAZING!  Couldn't have been better!

I'd heard horror stories of how gluten-free flour doesn't rise well, etc. so I was sort of worried about that part, but these loaves rose beautifully and looked just like they do with wheat flour.  They also tasted just as yummy.  I was impressed, especially knowing that I'd made a non-healthy recipe maybe a tad more healthier with the ground almonds.  Next time I'm thinking of subbing the sugar for agave....

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