23 October 2012

Abingdon Press: a Review

I was thrilled when I was chosen to review this wonderful new children's Bible from Abingdon Press.    The Deep Blue Kids Bible is a great choice for your child's first Bible.  My son, who is 7 and a beginning reader still, did not yet have a Bible with the complete text and was very excited to receive this one.  

Deep Blue Kids Biblerecommended for ages 8-12, comes in the Common English Bible translation which is much more easy for young readers to understand.  We received the ImageFlex binding, which is a sort of semi-hardcover, and it seems very durable and sturdy.  This Bible is a nice size also, not too large, but not too small either--just right for a boy of 7 to be able to carry.  

This Bible is filled with lovely, colorful illustrations and notes throughout its entirety.  There are three characters, Asia, Edgar, and Kat, who show up in the notes from beginning to end to help guide your child and answer questions that may arise.  Each book in the Bible has an introduction page that tells what you'll discover in that book, the people you'll meet, the places you'll go, and some of the verses you'll remember.  We are finding these to be very interesting and helpful.

Also strategically placed throughout the Bible are these other helps shown directly above.  They help highlight passages on character traits, respond to tough-to-understand passages, emphasize interesting biblical customs and practices, suggest important verses to memorize, give fun reading challenges, and even give devotions that dig deeper and give practical application to the Scripture.  

Included in the back are eight full-color maps by National Geographic.  They are very nicely done and bring great context to the wonderful stories in the Bible.  

When I asked my son what his favorite thing about his new Bible is, he replied "Everything!".  He really is enjoying it and even though he still can't read all the words by himself, he has a great start with this particular version.  We are enjoying reading from it together as well.  If you are in search of a solid first Bible for your young reader, this would be a great place to start.

The Deep Blue Kids Bible is available in several binding options: 3D Hardcover, Image-Flex, Deco-Tone Midnight Splash, Deco-Tone White Splash, and Burgundy Imitation Leather.  You can read more about the bindings and their prices here.

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Disclaimer: I received a free copy of the Deep Blue Kids Bible through the Schoolhouse Review Crew in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.  No other compensation was received.  

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