31 October 2012

Beloved Books {& The Sugar Creek Gang}: a Review

I am really excited to tell you about this great product from Beloved Books!  This particular review product may very well be my kiddos' favorite of all that we have received.  They love listening to books or dramatized stories on cd--and they are big fans of mysteries--so I had a feeling they were going to LOVE the cd set when it came.  And I was so right!

Beloved Books sent us Volume I out of six volumes that they offer of the Sugar Creek Gang books on cd.  If you are not familiar with the Sugar Creek Gang books, they are true treasures that have stood the test of time.  My father ready them when he was just a kid, I read them as a child and now my own children are enjoying these wonderful, Christ-centered, adventure stories.  

Paul Hutchens began writing this series in 1939.  They focus on a group of young boys who call their "club" the Sugar Creek Gang and enjoy many life experiences and adventures together.  They are filled with humor, and just plain ol' real life from the perspective of a young boy and his friends.  And I love how the Gospel of Christ is presented simply and beautifully in each story.  

Listening to these stories really is like a stroll back in time, in a way, and yet the same challenges and trials that children faced back then are still the same basic struggles that children have today.  I love how these stories transcend time--a really good book does that, you know.  My children are listening to them over and over, popping them into their cd players in their rooms as they play or to go to sleep by at night.  It's fun to listen to them quote parts of the stories and have them share them with us.  I have also listened to many of them myself, by choice and by default (because they're always playing) and thoroughly enjoy them, too.  They're perfect for that long drive in the car as well.  The narrator for these stories is Paul Ramseyer who does an amazing job!

The set we received included The Swamp Robber, The Killer Bear, The Winter Rescue, The Lost Campers, Chicago Adventure, and The Secret Hideout.  The titles alone had my kids ready to listen to them right away!  Each of the six volumes available has a total of six different books in it.  They're not short either--each book takes two full discs.  

These volumes are each available for $54.95 each--or you can get all six volumes for $279.70.  That's a $50 savings!  If you think you might be interested in these but aren't sure, then I recommend listening to the first book, The Swamp Robber,  for free.    

Beloved Books is offering a special discount code to the readers of the Schoolhouse Review Crew!  Use the code SUGARCREEKGANG-20 to receive 20% off your total purchase!  

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Disclaimer: I received Volume I of the Sugar Creek Gang books on cd from Beloved Books through the Schoolhouse Review Crew in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.  No other compensation was received.

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