31 December 2012

*No More Perfect Moms*: an Introduction

Recently I had an email from one of my very best friends telling me about a wonderful new book for moms that was coming out soon~and the opportunity to apply to be part of its launch team.  I decided to go for it because the title of the book compelled me: No More Perfect Moms, by Jill Savage.

If ever there was an imperfect mom, I am that mom.  Each day I am faced with the reality of my imperfection ...and the harsh reality of how badly that effects me since I am a person who tends to strive for unrealistic and needless perfectionism so much of the time.  Thus I was very excited to receive the email saying I had been included in the launch team!  I have just begun to read this book and it is powerful.

Now let me share some great opportunities just for you concerning this book launch:

First of all, sign up for the No More Perfect Moms 31-Day Email Challenge!  You will receive daily inspiration, motivation, and encouragement every day for a month.  This email challenge begins on January 1st~what a great way to kick off the New Year!

Next, get ready to place your order for this book during the week of February 4th-9th.  This book will be available February 4 and the author, Jill Savage, is asking that everyone wait to place their orders until that week of February 4th~this is a concentrated effort to get this book onto the New York Times Bestsellers List.  Being on The List will enable this book to reach so many more moms out there!

There will be some great free bonuses for those who order during that week, too!  These include eBooks, audio workshops, and more~these will be announced on Jill's blog and the book's website soon!  Read more here to see how you can also be a part of helping to launch this book.

Finally, I highly encourage you to head over to the website and browse around, reading all about this new book for moms.  There are some great resources on there and ways to share about this book with your friends!

I am looking forward to sharing more about this book with you throughout the month of January.  I believe it's going to be life-changing for us moms.

I received a free eBook copy of this book as a part of the launch team, but all thoughts concerning it are strictly my own.  

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Super Mom said...

Came over from the Launch team. I like your intro. I just finished the book tonight. Loved it. powerful.