07 January 2013

The Weekly Plan {Jan 7th}

It's that time--time to get back into a good routine and schedule.  The holidays sort of blow routine out of the water, don't they?  And I am truly a schedule-oriented person and so are my kiddos.  We all do so much better when we have a regular schedule.

I'm sure this week will have its challenges though because going from no routine to back-to-school routine is always a transition:)  Having our meals planned out will help make that transition go a little more smoothly.  I am even getting a game plan ready for our lunches (since I'm not so great at planning lunches and all).

The kiddos have had some sickness this past week/weekend.  It's still hanging on with Mr. B.  But hopefully he'll be back to normal soon and sickness won't hamper any of the fun we've got planned this week.

Lunch List:
-{leftover} chili w/grilled cheeses
-{leftover} white beans & ham
-pigs in blankets
-cheese roll-ups
-Totino's pizza (yes, this is fast and easy junk food that I occasionally buy~don't judge me...heehee)

-Back-to-Homeschool, first back day after our holiday break
-Finish putting the house decor back to rights after packing away the Christmas stuff
-Dinner: Chicken & Dumplings

-Head to Nashville for the monthly free build at the Lego Store

-Ice skating trip with our homeschool group
-Some light housework
-Bible study at church
-Dinner: Tostadas

-Dinner: Hamburgers Diane, Mashed Potatoes and Butter Beans

-Dinner: Homemade Pizza

-Attending a baby shower for a couple in our church
-Dinner: Leftovers/Snacks

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1 comment:

Nancy said...

This is our first "regular" week back, also, even though Little Miss started back to school last Thur. I share your need for schedule, and it's so nice to get back to one!

I'm also starting a menu plan again this week after neglecting one for literally MONTHS!!