09 January 2013

Visiting The Hermitage

Yesterday we took a completely impromptu field trip--yep, one that wasn't in my weekly plan!  But we just couldn't pass it up.  I've been wanting to visit The Hermitage for a while now, but admission for my family would cost over $50 and that's just kind of pricey.  However, it turns out that once a year, on January 8th, they offer free admission for everyone in honor of the the Battle of New Orleans (the battle that made Jackson famous).  So instead of following my "plan" and going ice skating today we switched it up and made a trip to Nashville yesterday to The Hermitage instead.  It was totally worth it!  Here are some pictures from our day there: 

On the front porch

A bench on the front porch

Gorgeous doors on the side of the mansion

On the back terrace of the mansion

The rear of the mansion 
(I wish we had been allowed to photograph the inside, 
nearly everything was original--really beautiful!)

The lovely grounds

More beautiful farmland around the mansion
Learning about the rations that soldiers ate in those days
(pork and biscuits)

The Jacksons' stagecoach

Meeting "The Jacksons" 

If you are in the Nashville area and have the opportunity, The Hermitage is really a wonderful place to visit!  While we had a beautiful, 60F, sunny winter day to visit, I think going in the Springtime when the garden is in bloom would be perfect.  However, I am glad we had the chance to visit yesterday and to cross one of my field trip goals off of our list!  


Nancy said...

Wow! That looks beautiful! What a fun trip! (I can't believe how grown-up The Princess is looking!)

Lora @ my blessed life said...

I can't believe it either. {sigh}