15 May 2013

*Unexpected Love* by Julie Zine Coleman {a Book Review}

Ever on the lookout for a great new book, I was intrigued by the subtitle of this book: Unexpected Love, God's Heart Revealed in Jesus' Conversations With Women.  In a world that didn't (and doesn't) offer equality for women, Jesus always did--and does.  So I was curious to read this closer look at what this author had to say about this.

"God has revealed all we need to know about him in his Word.  
We need to make it our business to find out what that is.  
When we know of his power, his goodness, his wisdom, 
his patience, and his justice, we have a reason to put our trust in him.  
And we will not be disappointed when our trust is based on truth."

Julie Zine Coleman takes an in-depth look at nine different women in the Bible and their encounters with Christ.  Each chapter shares the relevant Scripture passage and then the author elaborates on the scenario, taking into account the culture and setting and takes us on a little fictional journey about what could have been going on in the thoughts and actions of those from that passage.  She writes this in a very tasteful and accurate way, not embellishing too much.  After placing the reader squarely in the mind frame of that particular setting, she then brings application "for today's woman".  Finally each chapter is wrapped up with "food for thought" and a journaling section which gives the reader questions to ask themselves and also more Scripture passages to look up and dig deeper into the topic at hand.

"God's grace is lavish.  
It accomplishes what our most sincere and stringent 
efforts never could.  The scope of its magnitude is beyond what 
we could ever do that might threaten its effectiveness.  
It is given, not in remuneration, but in spite of what we've done.  
Extravagant is a perfect word to sum up the width, depth, 
and height of the grace of God."

This book is a very good read, full of nuggets of wisdom.  It would even make a wonderful Bible study for women.  I have very much enjoyed reading it, each chapter revealing new insight to me about the character of God.  

The best price I have found on this book is through ChristianBook.com.    You can purchase it there for $10.99 in a hard copy or for $9.99 as an eBook.  

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