20 May 2013

What's For Dinner {May 20th}

It felt good to get back into my cooking groove a little bit last week.  It was still a very busy week around here though and I was only three for three with the meals on the plan, but you've gotta be flexible though, right?! ;)  So I've got a rollover or two to this week, but that's okay.  Just makes this week's planning easier.

Also, last week I got a chance to go to my favorite store for "deals".  We live in an area where there is a large Amish and Mennonite community and they have some wonderful bulk food stores around here.  I love shopping at them!!  And there is one that has a combination bulk foods and (what I call) "dented can" store.  One half of their store is filled with (majorly) discounted grocery store items that have been slightly damaged (dented cans, smashed boxes, or simply discontinued or clearanced items).  I find the most amazing buys there!!  I like to go once a month or so to sort of stock up on things like cereal, canned veggies, bread (I generally find Pepperidge Farm loaves there for .99 and freeze them), and whatever goodies they may have in at that time.

You should check your area and see if there is a store that sells discounted items like this.  When we lived in Arkansas we also had a store like this and it wasn't Amish or Mennonite, so even if you don't have their style of stores in your area you may have a "dented can" store.  Yes, you do have to sometimes check expiration dates, but the deals are worth it to see what's available.

Now let's talk about what's cooking this week:

Monday:  Grilled Tuna Melts with Grilled Asparagus

Tuesday:  "Man Pleasing Chicken", Roasted Potatoes, random veggie from freezer (I need to clean them out!)

Wednesday:  Fish Stick Po' Boys

Thursday:  King Ranch Chicken

Friday:  Out to celebrate my mom's birthday

Saturday:  {leftovers/snacks/takeout}

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Nicole said...

We have a large Amish community here, too, and shopping at their stores is my favorite!!! It's cheaper, and it just feels good to be there. Know what I mean? They also have some amazing greenhouses that I am stalking regularly for my gardening and landscaping needs!

Lora @ my blessed life said...

I know exactly what you mean! They are just pleasant places to shop:) One of my favorites here also has a greenhouse--and a huge cold storage building so you can buy local produce for amazing prices. I love good values!