31 October 2013

*My Beloved and My Friend*: an excellent book on marriage

This past month I've been reading a great book on marriage: My Beloved and My Friend  by Hal and Melanie Young.  I was very happy to be a part of this book launch since I thoroughly enjoyed reviewing another book by these authors.  

My Beloved and My Friend  is a very comprehensive book on marriage, even venturing a tiny bit into some aspects parenting.  I love that the motivation for this book was so that the authors could leave a lasting legacy of their personal convictions to their children.  What a wonderful thing to bless your children with!

"It seems that the peace and harmony we experience with each other in marriage is largely a reflection of how far we've come in merging ourselves together.  The friction and division we experience points out the places where we've maintained a separate sense of identity and entitlement."

This book addresses five areas:
  • It is not good for man to be alone
  • A helper suitable for him
  • Fill the earth and subdue it
  • Have dominion
  • In the image of God He created them
Like they mention in the book, these subjects tend to overlap each other with "one topic connecting to a dozen others", but they have done an excellent job of covering nearly every marriage issue I can think of.

My husband and I have been married for over sixteen years now~that's hard to believe!  And while we have experienced some major trials in life (family issues, job issues, church issues) we both went into our marriage having been trained in amazing biblical principles for which we are eternally grateful.

This doesn't mean that our marriage is perfect though.  We still get frustrated (okay ...even mad) at each other at times and we have our arguments.  But the "D" word is never mentioned and never will be.  We are committed until death and we both know that.  

And we are also committed to constantly trying to improve on our marriage.  Like my husband says "When you're dating/courting the guy is constantly wooing the girl (and vice versa) and when they get married they whoa.  Never stop wooing!".  

"...love is to put someone else's needs 
ahead of your own."

Reading excellent marriage books such as My Beloved and My Friend  is a wonderful place to remind yourself of all that marriage is and should be.  This book addresses the many facets that marriage partners have~including friendship, which is such an important part of marriage.   

Hal and Melanie have written a book that is completely rooted in biblical truth.  They give Scripture references throughout and, as you can see above, each of the five sections is taken from the very first wedding ever recorded.  

I would definitely recommend this book to newlyweds, those who've been married a while (like me), or even couples who have been married a very long time.  It's never too late to seek a biblical perspective on your marriage nor too late to make changes and become the spouse that God intended you to be, or simply encourage and reinforce the principles you've been striving to live by already. 

My Beloved and My Friend  is scheduled for release on Valentine's Day 2014 (how appropriate is that?!).  However, you can pre-order a copy for $12 with free shipping(a great price for this 250-page book) right here on their site.  
Hal & Melanie Young

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