20 October 2013

The End-of-the-Week Wrap Up {a curriculum review, knights, & Lambert's}

And here we are ...two weeks later!  The time seems to have gone by so quickly lately!  You'd think I could do a weekly wrap-up, right?!

We have been tracking pretty well here at home with our lessons.  Even with me taking a little time off because of surgery we haven't really fallen behind.  At least I don't feel behind and that's the important thing, isn't it? :)

Here's a little quarterly update on our curriculum (you can see here what we've been using this year):

  • Mr. B is loving "stick-figuring through the Bible"--this curriculum is definitely a keeper!
  • The Princess is also doing well with her Bible curriculum, God's Great Covenant, also and I'm pleased with how she is working well independently with it.
  • Singapore Math is still working very well for Mr. B and the Teaching Textbooks program is very much a hit with The Princess.  I'm so glad we made that change.
  • Still loving Story of the World and having fun getting into the modern times.  
  • Apologia continues to make us so happy, this year with swimming creatures.  We're enjoying making our "ocean box"!
  • First Language Lessons are going well.  The kiddos are both learning to diagram sentences (at varying levels).  I'm actually kind of having fun with it the 2nd time around myself;)  
  • Writing With Ease ...not loving it so much I have to say.  It's really just kind of tedious and not fun at all (shhh ...don't tell my kids I totally agree with them!).  While I think dictation and narration are important skills to learn, I just think I'd like the kids to learn them in ways that don't make us all want to cry.  So, I'm working on some other plans for us in the writing realm.  
Co-op has been fun lately as well:
  • Mr. B has been learning a lot in his Human Body class

  • The Princess has learned about turtles and dogs these past two weeks in her Pet Pals class.
  • They've both been enjoying their "recess" time, playing games like kickball and color call with their friends.
  • Mr. B impressed me with his knowledge of the notes on guitar strings recently from his music class.
  • The Princess has learned about the inventor of Braille and also learned about chemistry and temperature changes in her Creative Thinkers class.

  • And they both continue to love their Lego classes, of course.

We have also had a few fun field trips lately.  We took our annual trip to a local pumpkin farm (you can read all about it here): 

Next we enjoyed a Medieval experience presented locally: 

We even took an impromptu road trip one day to eat at Lambert's Cafe (if you haven't tried it, you totally should!) and did car-schooling that day.  All the drive time was totally worth it to see my son's face when catching those "throwed rolls"!: 

Yes, I would say it's been a great two weeks!  The flexibility of homeschooling is such a blessing to our family.  Even on those rough days (and we all have them!) I wouldn't trade it for anything!

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