24 November 2013

Thanksgiving Prep & a Little Miscellany

You may have noticed (or not) that I've been a little sporadic around here lately.  I know I haven't been posting like I usually do.  I guess I've been feeling a tad burned-out and also wanting to focus more on home life.

So you may see less of me at least for a while, but I'm still here posting when inspiration hits (and I'm sure it will hit often this time of the year!).  I'll be focusing more on my home and family though.  This time of the year is often more busy than others and I want to be present.  Fully present.

And right now I'm busy with Thanksgiving preparations~as I'm sure you are, too!  No travel for us this year, thank goodness, but we do have family coming in from out-of-town to visit and there is a fun weekend in the works.

I'm already so looking forward to the yummy food, too!  My mom, sister, and I have been busy planning our menu together.  I can't wait!  Although I feel like I'm getting off easy on dinner preparations this year.  Last year I made it all because my parents were actually moving that week.  This year the meal is pretty evenly divided between my mom, sister, and me~which is nice!

I'll be making the Cornbread Dressing, the Cranberry Sauce, the Green Bean Casserole, and the Peanut Butter Pie.  Mmmmmmmmmm

Some things I'll be doing ahead will be:

  1. baking the cornbread and making homemade cream soup for the dressing
  2. making the cranberry sauce a couple of days early (just reheat at the last minute)
  3. making the cream soup-ish roux for the green bean casserole
  4. making pie crusts and freezing them
What are you doing early to prep for the holiday's big meal?

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