07 January 2014

Boundaries for Leaders {a review}

This is a book that I've been finishing up for a while now (you know, the holidays hit!).  But I'd really like to share with you about it.

Boundaries For Leaders really caught my eye because ...well, it's by Dr. Henry Cloud and he writes great books!  And this new one from him does not disappoint.

It's not exactly what I thought it might be about.  I sort of picked it up hoping it was about leaders setting boundaries for their own time, etc., and, boy, was I going to read it aloud to my leader-husband.  LOL

In reality, it's about how leaders can (and should) create boundaries for those they are leading--boundaries that they are able to succeed within.  Each chapter is just full of nuggets of truth and wisdom.

One quote that has really stayed with me from this books is

"You cannot grow a plant by dipping
it into the dirt once a year.  
It takes an ongoing connection 
to build a root system."

Wow.  That can be applied to so many areas of life.  Just real wisdom there.  

In conclusion, this book focuses on these key points:
  • help people do what is important
  • create the right environment
  • have deeply connected teams
  • think optimistically, not negatively
  • learn what you can control and what you can't
  • strive for high performance
  • lead yourself
If you are in leadership on any level--and most people are--then I definitely recommend this book.  It's a very insightful read and, of course, Dr. Cloud is an excellent writer so you won't be bored in the least.  

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