15 February 2014

The End-of-the-Week Wrap-Up {snow, routine, & V-Day}

Well, here it is the middle of February already!  These past couple of weeks have flown by so quickly.  I know I mentioned earlier in the week about how busy we were with last week's trips (you can read more about that here), but this week seemed to go by almost as fast just playing "catch-up" around here.  You know, the laundry piles, the house cleaning (especially since it was our week to host our church small group), just the usual.  

I did let the kids take a "snow day" on Monday simply because we weren't at home on the weekend to let them play in it and they were just dying to get out and play in the snow.  It worked well since it also gave me a day to just focus on some house work.

We stayed pretty much on track the rest of the week.  There weren't any spectacular highs or lows this week, educationally speaking, but it was one of those weeks where we just stayed the course.  

You probably noticed that Valentine's Day came this week, too ;)  So we were a little busy with that, preparing for our annual party with our homeschool group.  The kiddos made their boxes (ideas found via Pinterest).  The Princess made a Rubix cube and Mr. B made Perry the Platypus--they turned out so cute!

I made red velvet pancakes for breakfast (from The Pioneer Woman's new cookbook) and also bacon hearts to go with them--which is way trickier to make than Pinterest posts imply, by the way.  But it was all definitely yummy!!

It's been a good month so far, but I really am hoping and praying that next week I get to breathe a little more.  That would be so nice!  :)

Do you feel like your new year is flying by too quickly as well?

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Beth said...

It looks like your kids enjoyed the snow. Thanks for the review of the bacon hearts. It is funny how easy things can look until you do them. I have not even bothered to try the bacon hearts.