08 March 2014

End of the Week Wrap-Up {snow days, sick days, & an international festival}

Yep.  It is time to wrap this week up! 

In my life this week...

...we celebrated Vince's birthday over a period of three days~he's finally learned to stretch out the party beyond just one day ....like I do! :)  We were actually snowed-in on his birthday, but we had cake so it was all good!
(the photobomber getting photobombed)

We had lots of fun on our first snow days of the year.  Even though our local school have been out for LOTS of snow days this year, none of it was actually snow so we didn't bother taking the days off.  It was fun to set the books aside for a couple of days and just play (and, for me, do lots of laundry...ha!).  I posted a little more about our fun in the snow earlier this week here.

(getting ready to head down the hill)

(feeding the birds)

The Princess also had oral surgery on Wednesday of this week.  She needed to have some teeth extracted due to crowding so that she'll be ready for braces soon.  I really felt for her because I had the same surgery when I was twelve and it's no picnic.  But she did great and is already feeling much better!  So proud of her! 

In our homeschool this week...

...we were pretty laid back.  Besides taking a couple of snow days, the day of The Princess' surgery we were pretty busy with that.  Mr. B got some school work done in the surgeon's waiting room though so that was good.  I hated to not take advantage of that since we'd already taken the snow days:)  The Princess got to take it easy that day, but she did keep up her work while lying on the couch the next two days.  

That's one of many things that I love about homeschooling: it's flexible!

And another thing I love about homeschooling is: you can take a field trip on a Saturday and get another school day in!  Learning can be so much fun!

Our city hosts an International Festival every year and this is the first year for us to attend.  I was so impressed with the effort put into planning it.  We had such a great time!  We "visited" Peru, Polynesia, Puerto Rico, Panama, Indonesia, India, Venezuela, the Philippines, Mexico, Japan, Guatemala, Ethiopia, and Sudan.  Each country's booth included various things such as, beautiful articles and clothing from that country, activities to do, food to sample, photo booths, and lots of great info about the different countries.  

There was a Story Time tent hosted by the local library where we got to hear a Persian fairy tale read in both English and Farsi.  The kiddos enjoyed making an 'eye of god' craft and origami crafts, sampling fried cod in 'Puerto Rico', fresh tortillas in 'Mexico', and cookies from 'Peru'.  The Princess even got a henna tattoo in 'India'.    
(entering the Global Village)

(an origami dog from 'Japan')

(an origami balloon from 'Japan')

(an Ethiopian hut)

(some of the beautiful Chinese lanterns 
that were all over the convention center)

(trying on sombreros in 'Mexico')

(Mexican photo booth fun)

(more fun in 'Mexico')

(in the story time Persian tent with friends)

(one of the lovely Indian ladies)

(getting a henna tattoo in 'India')

(the kiddos' eye of god crafts)

And that, my friends, wraps up our week!  

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