25 August 2014

'Best Friends and Mean Girls': a Review

Up until recently I have only been vaguely familiar with the Secret Keeper Girl organization.  This is a wonderful ministry devoted to teaching girls ages 8-12 about purity, modesty, and about "keeping the deepest secrets of their beauty for just one man".  Having an 11-year-old daughter, this definitely strikes a cord with me.

So I was very excited to have the opportunity to review a copy of Secret Keeper Girl's newest book for moms, 8 Great Dates: Best Friends and Mean Girls by Dannah Gresh.

This book is all about relationships.  Your relationships as a mother, your relationship with your daughter, and--primarily--your daughters relationships with God, her parents, her siblings, her BFF, her neighbors, mean girls, and boys.  

There are three short introductory chapters, then you dive into '8 Great Date' ideas designed to help you discuss all of the above relationships with your daughter.  
For each date idea there is:
  • a challenge for mom as she prepares for the date with her daughter
  • an audio recording or two to listen to with your daughter
  • a fun date challenge (think: sleepover, shopping, etc.)
  • a "gab" time, which may or may not include scrapbooking
  • prayer time with your daughter
How awesome is that?! 

There are also devotionals to do with your daughter and even perforated pull-outs for 'girl gab' time.  There is also a special section just-for-moms full of FAQ's from other moms that may help to navigate many of your questions about helping your daughter navigate these sometimes-tricky tween waters.  

I don't know about you, but I sincerely appreciate quality, Bible-based resources such as this to help me as a parent.  

I also received the companion book for girls: A Girl's Guide to Best Friends and Mean Girls.

This book is a great Bible study guide that digs deeper into God's Word on the topic of relationships.  It will get your daughter looking up Scripture, meditating on Scripture, journaling, and doing fun exercises included in the chapters.  

I love these books and am looking forward to continuing through them with my daughter.  I even hope to share them with a class I teach on Sundays at our church for girls in 4th-6th grades using some of the small group options they offer.  

8 Great Dates: Best Friends and Mean Girls is available for $12 and the Girl's Guide is available for $10.  Find out how to purchase your copies here.


Disclaimer: I was given a copy of each of these books in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.  No other compensation was received.  

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TaMara Sloan said...

I have twin girls who are 11 and another girl who is 9. I definitely want to read these books now.