06 September 2014

End-of-the-Week Wrap {our first week of school}

Well, it wasn't a perfect week and it had it's moments, but we did it.  We finished our first week of school for this year.  Whoo hoo!!  {you can read about our first day of school here}

It's definitely going to take a few more days (weeks??) to get back into our school groove though.    

I didn't introduce every single subject this week, but we did dive right into math, grammar, reading, spelling, Bible, history, science, and writing.  Next week we'll add in another or two, like geography and poetry.

So far so good in the way of the new curriculum I've chosen.  The biggest challenge has been some attitude adjustments ...ugh.  However, we are off to a good start with US history, human anatomy, math, and language arts.  

We also started co-op classes on Friday with our homeschool group.  I'm a little sad that we only have them for 4 weeks this fall, but I'm excited about a new partnership our group is beginning with our local 4H chapter this year that will most likely take the place of our co-op.  

For co-op I am teaching an art appreciation class for 4th-6th graders--which happens to be the class my kiddos are both in.  The other two classes they have are science and Buzzwords (a spelling class).   

Our first day of co-op went really well--we all had lots of fun with our classes and also meeting new homeschooling families!

So after a busy week of stretching our brains and learning new things, I got to enjoy a little fun on Friday night with my sister (and fellow Shakespearean lover!).  We headed to Nashville to the annual Shakespeare Festival in Centennial Park.  And even though we got completely drenched while waiting for the show to start, the rain left in plenty of time and we were able to enjoy the show thoroughly.  It was SO good!!!!  I already can't wait until next year!

 So how was your week?  

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LM Preston said...

I really wish we could participate in Co-ops, but since I work outside the home, day-time activities are not a consistent possibility for us. However, I have my eye on it for my youngest who may end his homeschooling journey as the only kid at home and since he is an extrovert co-op may work for him.