25 November 2015

From My Bookshelf...

So ... I know that I've  really fallen off the blogging world lately.  I hate that because I miss being here.  But life has been happening at break-neck speed lately and I've just been hanging on!  It happens like that sometimes, ya know.  

But I'm popping in to say "hi" today and share about some books I've read recently.     

Some of you may remember that I posted my personal summer reading list.  You know ...way back in the summer.  I did pretty good with that.  Summer is my favorite reading time.  I got in 8 out of 13 on my list.  Still knocking a few out.  Some I've just decided to postpone until ...maybe next summer;)

There are a couple of books I'd like to share with you today. You may have already heard of them.  You might have actually read them.  If not though, you just might want to check these out.  


The first one that I wanted to tell you guys about, that was like a nice, cool drink of water on a hot day, was Soul Friends by Dr. Leslie Parrott.  

I thoroughly enjoyed this book!  The chapters were short, so insightful, and very inspiring, leaving me with new thoughts to ponder.  

Leslie divides her book into four sections: quest, calling, crisis, and communion.  Each quadrant progresses into the next--sort of stages in our lives, if you will.  In each section's chapters Leslie shares snapshots of her and her family's lives and snapshots of people who have directly--or indirectly--impacted her life.  

I absolutely loved these!  Each one brought insight, challenges, questions, and, sometimes, soul-searching.  Which is exactly what they are designed to do.  And at the end of each one there are 'soul souvenirs' where Leslie asks her readers a couple of questions.  Questions that are well-thought out and created to help you meditate on the biblical principles and nuggets tucked into each passage.  

Like I said: a cool drink of water on a hot day.  Very good stuff.  This is not a deep, theological Bible study, even though there are a lot of deep, theological thoughts tucked in here.  It is a great book to read a chapter in each day during your personal quiet time, however.  That is what I did through this past summer and it was perfect.  


More recently I've had the opportunity to read For the Love by Jen Hatmaker.  Whew.  What breath of fresh air!  

I had an international trip scheduled the last week of October so I had saved this book for reading on my flights.  I'm pretty sure I nearly made a scene a few times I was laughing so hard.  I was travelling with my sister and she just kept looking at me all like "what in the world is wrong with you?!".  

Jen is just so funny.  I mean she is seriously gifted with humor.  

Don't get me wrong.  This book deals with some serious and even heavy topics.  But she just seasons it with such grace and humor that it helps the big pill of hard truth go down a tad easier.  

Plus she has several sections that spin-off of Jimmy Fallon's 'Thank You' notes.  Enough said on that ...I'm already laughing again.  

Jen also has four parts to her book:
  • Your Very Own Self 
  • All These People Who Live in Your House
  • Friends, Neighbors, Strangers, and Enemies
  • Church, Church People, Not-Church People, and God
I think all of those speak clearly as to what they are about.  

This was my first time to read one of Jen's books.  I've some of her blog posts and about her before but I really enjoyed finally sitting down with one of her books and getting a glimpse of her heart.  She really, truly loves Jesus and it shows.  


So there you have it: a couple of great book recommendations for you to add to your own reading list!  You won't regret it!

Disclaimer: Both of these books were provided to me free of charge from Book Look Bloggers in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.  No other compensation was given and all thoughts expressed here are my own.  

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