30 November 2008

A Holiday Tradition

For years now my mom, sister and I have been exchanging Christmas ornaments. We love to shop or create throughout the year and then we always exchange them on Thanksgiving day. This year was no exception. After everyone had slept off their turkey-induced comas out came the Christmas ornaments!!

The kiddos made these (with a little help) for Nana, Papi and Aunt Kari:

We bought the craft glass balls and acrylic paint tubes at Hobby Lobby. Then we took the tops off the balls, squirted in the paint and swirled it all around. It was a lot of fun, even if it did require a little more muscle than the kiddos had to get all that paint swirled around (that's where I came in). You just let them sit without the tops on for a few days until they are dry and ready to go! Very fun!

Next are the ornaments that I gave my mom and sister:

I got those little brown paper houses that Hobby Lobby sells and painted them with tempera paints. Then I spread glue (Elmer's) on the roof, chimney top and base and sprinkled on sparkly white glitter for snow. Finally, I got a package of mini wreaths in the dollhouse section of Hobby Lobby (can you tell where I love to shop?) and glued them on the fronts. I think they're just too cute!! I had so much fun painting them (and I am quite a novice painter, so don't feel like you couldn't do it, too). Last year I painted a whole little village of these for The Princess in pastels. I'll have to show them to you soon.

Here are the ornaments that my sister, Kari, gave Vince & Me:

They are Old World ornaments, which I adore!! Mine is the Silent Night Chapel and Vince's is the pretzel. Aren't they so pretty?!

My mom really surprised me this year. Sometimes she gets a Christmas decoration instead of a tree ornament and this year she got Vince and me a set of Byers' Choice Carolers.

I used to work at a shop where we sold these and they are amazing, handcrafted carolers! But they were always out of my budget, even with my discount:) Earlier this year though that shop was closing and Mom hit the closing sale and picked up these little treasures for us! I can't wait to decorate with them!

The kiddos always seem to get more ornaments than any of us now! I love that though, because by the time they're grown they'll have a lovely collection of their own.

The Princess got a schoolhouse (to commemorate her first year in school), a bunny rabbit, a glass ball filled with beach toys and shells in honor of summer's our beach trip and a whole box of Old World mini bells. She loved them!
Mr. B got a dinosaur (one of his current passions), a baseball, a glass ball of beach memorabilia as well and also a box of Old World mini bells (I told you Mom hit the clearance sale at that wonderful store!).

The t-rex had to be rescued from almost-certain death more than once!

Do you like to exchange ornaments with your family and friends? I'd love to hear about it!


nanatrish said...

What a fun tradition. Adorable decorations. Don't you just love Hobby Lobby? My husband and I like to go there to support them because it's a Christian business. Avery and I love to walk around in all the departments. We need to try that clear ball with the paint swirled around inside decorations. Neat idea. I pray you have a great week. Please pray for me. I fell last night and my foot is purple and swollen. Thank the Lord I didn't hurt anything else, but I am sore. luv ya, Trish

Sharon said...

What a great idea.. You are full of good ideas. Your children will rise up and call you blessed (happy fortunate, and to be envied and your husband will boast of and praise you (saying) Many daughters have done virtuously, nobly and well (with the strength of character that is steadfast in goodness), but you excel them all
Proverbs 31 v 28 +29
I got a shock to see your new hair colour when you commented on my blog but it suits you. You suit blonde and dark. I have recently done the opposite - gone from dark to blonde and have let it get longer. I wasn't sure about it because of my age but I have had so many comments that I think I will keep it for awhile.

Nancy said...

We don't do an ornament exchange, but we've started getting ornaments for the kiddos every year as one of their stocking stuffers...we might have to start the exchange idea with some of the cousins. What a great idea!