08 July 2009

Creating an Art Tray

Do you remember this?

You probably thought I'd forgotten about those great ideas you gave me here. But, oh no, I did not! I actually chose one of your ideas and completed the project!

And while I considered several of your suggestions (there were so many good ones!) I ultimately went with the *art tray* idea. Thank you, Kayren!

First of all, I cleaned the tray up really well. It'd been an outdoor patio fixture since I acquired it in 1999. So we're talking lots of dirt and a few dried up leaves...but it came out pretty well.

Next I bought a package of 9oz. plastic cups at the store.

I had tested a random 8oz. cup that I found around the house and it worked well. However, the store only had 9oz. and I didn't think it would matter...and it didn't.

Then I put the cups in the slots and started filling them with the kiddos' art supplies. I just LOVE the way it turned out!!! And how easy was that?!?!
The kiddos love it, too. What do you think? It definitely works for me!

For more fun ideas, head over here.


Betsy said...

Oh, that turned out great! And you can take it anywhere!

Kayren, Pink Daisy Girl said...

Turned out awesome, Lora!

Sherry said...

What a great idea. I may have to be on the look out for one of those or something similar! I love that it can be easily moved from room to room or from the closet shelf!

Lisa said...

It's great!

Serina Tustin said...

I like!

Renee said...