26 February 2012

My Weekly Plan {Feb 27th}

Is February over yet?  I'm tired.

This month has gone by so quickly I can hardly believe it!  Last week was a very good and productive week.  I can only hope this week will be, too.

My parents and sister are coming for the weekend, so I have some much-needed house cleaning to do.  I should probably catch up on the laundry, too, in case I don't want my family running around naked!

-Co-op classes
-Grocery shopping
-Dinner:  Cheesy Enchilada Casserole

-Do ironing (whoo hoo...if I actually do this, it will be the 2nd time so far this year...that must be a record:)
-Dinner: {I'm going out for Italian food with the ladies from our church} Potato Soup for the fam

-{Leap Year!}
-Since we have an "extra" day this year, we're taking the day (or at least most of it) off from school and I'm going to do some much needed housecleaning before our weekend company arrives.
-Girl Scout meeting with The Princess
-Dinner:  Fish Stick Po'Boys with chips

-Dinner: Steak & Potato Scallop and salad
-Co-op Presentation Night

-My family arrives for a visit:)
-Dinner: {out}

-{Vince's Birthday!!}
-Family fun all day long!!
-Dinner: {birthday boy's choice out}

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