21 March 2013

A New Day

Well, I could look at this week as a bust.  I have not been much of a "fun mommy".  I sure have not been "early to rise".  And we are playing catch up today on school work since I had a few sick days this week.

But that's okay.

Sometimes mama gets sick, right?  It's not fun, but it happens.  And while I rarely get anything that really knocks me out of commission, this week I apparently had the flu and it took me down.  So not a good time.

I'm happy to be feeling more like myself today though, even if not 100% yet, mostly better is good, right?

And today I'm grateful.

Grateful for children who have been {mostly} helpful to me while I've been sick.
Grateful for my husband who has been wonderful, even though this all meant he didn't get a home-cooked meal for four days after he got home from Egypt.
Grateful for the flexibility of homeschooling.
Grateful for a new day.
Grateful for grace.

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