10 March 2013

The Weekly Plan {March 11th}

This week I'll be making several of the kids' favorites since Vince is on a trip.  I'm still going to to my best to stretch my son's taste buds though.  His picky-ness has really been cramping my style lately.  And, yes, I've tried all the usual methods of enticing/tricking/coercing/threatening him to eat and yet he will pretty much just starve himself--he is that stubborn.

So rather than the dinner table becoming a battleground every night I do my best to have at least one thing on the menu that he really does like and will eat well so that even if I can only get him to take one bite of something new he still has something to eat.

So here's the 'child-friendly' menu for this week:

Monday:  Individual Cheesy Chicken Pot Pies (this recipe adapted to individual oven-proof bowls, with some shredded cheese in the chicken mixture and topped with a cheesy biscuit mixture)

Tuesday:  Potato Soup

Wednesday:  Quick Quiche

Thursday:  Sweet & Spicy Bacon Chicken, Mashed Potatoes, and Green Beans

Friday:  Probably a bite out since we'll be heading to the Nashville airport to pick up Vince

Saturday:  Yet-to-be-decided--maybe one of Vince's fave's: Steak & Potato Scallop

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The Bertone's said...

I have an incredibly picky child to.... takes the fun out of cooking sometimes. Looks yummy though!

Lora @ my blessed life said...

The Bertone's,

It does sometimes take the joy out of cooking~and I so love to cook and try new things:) But hopefully he will grow out of it one day ...my moms reminds me often that I was once a picky eater...lol

Thanks for dropping by!

Tracy said...

I have a selectively picky kid, she's picky for me but with my folks eats just about anything. He big hang up is tomatoes. She actually didn't eat pizza till she was 6 because of the tomato sauce. At least she's consistent and its all tomato products.