04 April 2015

Happy Resurrection Sunday {and Our Easter Brunch Menu}

I love Easter!  Not only is it in the lovely season of spring, it represents all that makes life worthwhile--HE LIVES and because of that I can live in fullness of life, too.  Not just in Heaven, but even here on earth.  I'm so thankful for that!

As long as I can remember Easter has always been a "busy" day for me.  I grew up in a minister's home so my dad was always preaching somewhere on Easter--whether as a guest minister or in the church he pastored for several years.  Then I married and my husband and I have also been in ministry full-time for 14 of the 18 years we've been married--the past 4 years as senior pastors.

And the Easter weekend just gets busier.  But it's a good kind of busy.  Like today, we were at our church nearly all day for a fun event we like to call Easter Eggstravaganza.  It's a fun day for our church to simply bless our community with free food, games, petting zoo, some fun giveaways, and an egg hunt for the kiddos.  It is a blessing to me to see so many families come for a fun family time and go home with a smile on their face, some candy in their basket, and maybe even a desire to know Christ more.

However, by the end of the morning service on Easter Sunday the last thing I want to do is go wait in line at a restaurant--while my kids get tired and, dare I say, cranky.  Personally, I love a family meal at home on Easter but sometimes that just not doable and I'm just not up for it.

But this year I'm giving it a go again ...in 'brunch' form.  I talked my mom (who never wants to cook on a Sunday) and my sister into my plan, too :)  And so I created a delicious make-ahead Easter brunch menu and, as I type this on Saturday evening, it is all finished and ready to take to my parents' for tomorrow's meal.

Here's what we're having (and when I made it):

Easter Brunch Menu

Baked Ham
(my mom is making this early on Sunday morning and simply
leaving it in the oven while at church)
(from the freezer--easy peasy!--my sister is bringing these)
Broccoli Quiche
(I made the crusts for these yesterday, then the
quiches today.  I'm refrigerating them overnight
and we'll warm them just before brunch time)
Hashbrown Casserole
(I put this together yesterday and refrigerated it.
We'll bake it right after church)
(I'll whip these up right before we eat
while the hashbrowns are finishing)
Fresh Fruit
(prepared by my mom)
Coffee & Juice

Oh--and I baked a Velvety Carrot Cake especially for my hubby.  
Just because I love him.

See, this is a very simply menu and it's pretty much all prepared ahead of time.  I'm so looking forward to relaxing with my family after services tomorrow!

I hope you have a wonderful and blessed Easter weekend!

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