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A Heirloom Quilt

Not long ago I mentioned in one of my posts how I come from a family of quilters. I personally have not yet learned how to quilt, but I would really like to. I've even been collecting fabrics that I like in hopes of someday making my very own quilt.
I have been a part of making a quilt top however, even though I wasn't in on the quilting process. When I was still in elementary school~maybe 9 or 10~my grandma basted up some quilt blocks for me to embroider. I think I must've expressed some interest and that inspired her.
That was her quilting style. She has made hundreds of quilts in her lifetime, some pieced and patchwork, but most of them have beautifully embroidered blocks. She made the most perfect stitches. And with only a few exceptions, her quilts were always made with whatever scraps she had~or was given by her daughters since most of them sewed. That makes her quilts even more special because on most any of her quilts I can find blocks made from scraps from clothes that my mom made for me as a child.
Well, I embroidered a couple of blocks (and you can definitely tell which ones those are!) and then lost interest. So finally one 2001...I decided it was time to finish that quilt. I jumped in with fervor and whipped out the rest of those quilt blocks in record time~considering it took me something like 20 years to actually finish it!!

one of the first two blocks I did as a kid

my funny butterfly antennas

Now here is the coolest part: My mom decided to host a quilting at her house with all of her sisters and my grandma to quilt it for me. All seven of them were there for a whole day and then my mom, grandma and a couple of aunts finished it in a few more days. It is so special to me that they all put in stitches on it for me. It's done entirely by hand.

an old fashioned quilting bee

me with my mom and sister

a beautifully finished quilt!

For more Show & Tell, visit Kelli at There Is No Place Like Home.


What a precious the whole making of the quilt...and I love the butterflies!
Jadehollow said…
The quilt is so beautiful Lora and priceless. It gave me a great idea on what to do for my Mother this year for Mothers Day... She loves butterflies.
Thank you for sharing.
Have a Blessed weekend.
What a special quilt, a real treasure! I enjoyed the story about your quilt too! Beautiful butterflies, I'm going to send you blog to my friend who quilts, and loves butterflies!

A Hint of Home said…
Oh my, what a special quilt. Great family piece to pass to future generations.
I love the quilt and the story. What a treasure to have. Thank you for sharing it.

Gattina said…
It looks beautiful especially with this butterfly design !
Kathy said…
What a gorgeous quilt! Love the butterflies...Kathy
what a beautiful quilt. I also do not know how to quilt. I bought some material and was going to start out with something small like a potholder.
My cousin loves butterflies & collects them, she'd love your quilt!
Carla said…
what a treasure! This was my grandma's style, and I no longer have her here to enjoy, I know you will treasure this heirloom:)
Hootin' Anni said…
I have never seen one whole quilt with butterflies like this....and I truly LOVE the whole colorful and feminine!!!

Mine is posted....Birthday boys, teenage, elves and such....oh my!!!

Come on over and say howdy! You know, I do love your company! Happy Friday.
Karen said…
What a sweet quilt! I enjoyed your story so much. Thanks for sharing.
Kayren said…
Lora, I've always had a little bit of a thing for butterflies. I can't tell you how special I think that quilt is. My grandmother did the same type of stitch on her blocks like that. I remember her teaching that to me as well. What I think is so totally cool is how all of the women in your family hand-finished it for you. That is truly a treasure that you can never replace or put a price on!
It's just beautiful! I love the butterflies.
Have a blessed day
Gina Jo
SmilingSally said…
You now have a quilt of memories! Thanks for sharing. Happy Show and Tell Friday.
As a fellow quilter I am in love with your beautiful quilt and the wonderful story behind it. Great post and good work.

Have A Really Fun Friday
from Roberta Anne
Betsy Brock said…
That is just wonderful! I think it even means more that you started it when you were very young. Love the quilting bee pictures...neat memories for you! I want to make one!
Sue said…
Lora, this brings back so many wonderful memories, I just want to cry!!! I miss my grandmother so much!!! she loved to sew and quilt and tried to teach me but I haven't mastered it .. You did a great job on your quilt top,and what wonderful memories of loving hands quilting, cherish them as I know you will. Loved this post.Makes me just want to hug that quilt!!!
Lisa said…
The quilt is beautiful Lora! The story behind it is even more special. I love that you have a block that you embroidered when you were little.

Do you keep this quilt out or is it put away for safe keeping?
I have it out in my bedroom with several others on the seat of a storage chest/bench...someday I'd like to have a quilt stand to display them.
Kari said…
That was such a fun week! Now, if I could just finish the one that I have packed away. =)
joyh82 said…
What a beautiful quilt and nice picture of you all. I love butterflies and the quilt is so nice and colorful.
Tammy said…
Oh wow...that is SO cool to all get together and make a quilt together, just as in times of old! I would also love to learn how to quilt!
This one is so beautiful!
(Lattes and Lollipops)
Nancy said…
What a beautiful quilt, and what a special memory!
Susie Homemaker said…
Wonderful post! Your quilt and the memories you made will be a treasure forever!

you should totally get your blocks ready and we'll have another family quilting bee!:)
Linda C said…
Thank you so much for sharing this lovely story that goes along with your quilt! It looks like so much fun- what a memory!

Your quilt is just beautiful-- I love butterflies!:)

Linda C
Lisa Cobler said…
How beautiful! That is such a special memory.
Elaine said…
What a lovely quilt and what lovely memories you have to go along with it!
Elaine :)
Kelli said…
What a gorgeous quilt-so much hard work and love went into it! The quilting bee looks like fun,, too!
Angela said…
This is beautiful Lora! I love butterflies!

And I saw in your profile that you love the Anne of Green Gables books. I love those too! I read them all as a kid. My aunties in Canada sent them to me for years. Great stories!
Anonymous said…
Beautiful quilt and a wonderful story! Treasured memories, too.
steviewren said…
I think the coolest thing about your quilt besides the quilters themselves is that you recognize some of the fabrics and can remember your clothes made from them. That makes each block a double memory! It is a beautiful quilt!
Jamie said…
What a treasure! My grandma was a quilter...always done by hand. Unfortunately, it isn't a skill I have learned. But I do have a precious quilt she made for my daughter.
What a beautful quilt and now it contains so many wonderful memories!

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