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Our Year-End Wrap-Up {'14-'15}

I think I need a t-shirt that says " I Survived This School Year ".  :) Don't get me wrong, I love homeschooling.  It's not that.  It's just that this year has presented challenges in other ways and we've had to meet them head on.  But those challenges meant that we had some tough days, so this summer break is much needed.   So ...yea!!!  It's summer break!!! The kids hit the pool just as soon as they wrapped up their school work yesterday.  They're braver than I am.  The water is still too cold for me.  I'm a wimp like that ;)   This morning we had our big end of the year finale with our homeschool group: Field Day!!  It's always so much fun, filled with teams and relays, medals and encouraging each other in being good sports.  I love our homeschool group!! And that's a wrap!  Happy Summer, y'all! This post is linked to the Weekly Wrap-Up at Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers .  

End of the Week Wrap-Up {Week 35}

Whoo hoo!!  We are down to just one week left in our '14-'15 school year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It has been so very hard these past few weeks to stay focused until the end of the year.  We are all ready for that summer break.  I have to say the kids have done a great job this week of hunkering down and just getting the job done though.  Proud of them! Last week we had a friend in town for a couple of days so we took Monday off from book work and headed to the Land Between the Lakes to hang out for a while.  It's always fun there!  We walked around Hematite Lake and then visited The Homeplace for a while--where my son nearly wore out the ducks and chickens chasing them around:)  LBL is one of our fave recreation areas! We are still in the middle of our human anatomy study for this year.  It's taken longer than I planned but that's okay.  We'll just pick back up in the fall.  We are currently studying all about the brain--so interes

Unshakable {a review & GIVEAWAY!}

Today I am excited to share with you an amazing new book by my in-real-life friend, Nancy, at There Is Grace .  Unshakable: Finding Faith to Weather the Storm releases this week and is a powerful read for anyone!  I was honored to be able to read this book before its release and I was incredibly moved by it.   Unshakable chronicles Nancy's story of being diagnosed with the "C" word: cancer.  That is definitely a storm that many have been through and can relate to.  However, this book is not just for those weather a diagnosis of cancer, but for all of us.  We all have storms to weather through: the death of a loved one, a divorce, other illnesses, a family crisis, {you fill in the blank} ....this list could go on and on.  There is no one in this world untouched by storms of life.   Nancy does a remarkable job of sharing her deep faith in God and in His Word.  In fact, she uses God's Word in powerful ways throughout this book, showing how important it is t

We {heart} Legos: Our Lego Kids Fest experience

So a few weeks ago we were able to take our family to a Lego Kids Fest in Nashville.  These are happening in various cities around the country and if you're able to go to one I highly recommend doing that!  It was SO MUCH FUN !!  The tickets were for a four hour time slot and I have to say that I really didn't think we'd need to stay that long ...but we could have stayed longer !  There was an incredible amount of things to do and see.  I took, like, a thousand pictures ...which I have so graciously pared down to some faves here for you ;) This event included activities like: the brick battle zone, a Lego pizza relay race, Lego car racing, Creation Nation, thebiggestLegobrickpileyou'veeverseen, the art gallery, and tons more.  There were special build areas for everybody's favorite lines: Star Wars, Bionicle, Lego Friends, Lego Disney, Mixels ....and a special family build area with a monochromatic theme (ours was purple).   And then ther

What's For Dinner? {May 4th}

Why is it that even though I love meal planning and it makes my life SO much easier ...some weeks it's just hard to get it done?  I'm just not in the "mood"...ha Oh, well.  We must still eat dinner, right? And, thankfully, my mom invited us over for breakfast burritos tonight so I had a 1 day reprieve!  Yea!  And, boy, are those burritos good!! So here's what's for dinner the rest of the week: Tuesday:  {dinner in Nashville after the Lego Build } Wednesday:   Meatball Subs Thursday:  {crockpot}  Mexican Chicken with Rice (the one meal I didn't get around to making last week) Friday:  {freezer} Cheesy Stuffed Pasta Shells with Salad and Garlic Bread Saturday:   Homemade Pizza This post is linked to Menu Plan Monday at I'm an Organizing Junkie

End of the Week Wrap-Up {week 32}

We are quickly counting down the days till the end of our school year.  This mama needs a summer break. Not that I don't have some "summer schoolin' " planned, but it's not the same as the rest of the year.  More on that soon! We have had a busy past few weeks though and our school year is quickly winding down.  Besides our regular "book" work, here's some of what we've been up to lately. We attended the Lego Kid Fest in Nashville.  I can't believe I haven't had a chance to sit down and tell you all about it yet!  I promise to do that this week and share TONS of pics.  This was an amazing event!  If this show is coming anywhere near you I highly recommend going! We took a (very) short spring break trip to Myrtle Beach.  To be honest, it wasn't even close to one of our better trips.  The weather was cooler than we would have liked and ...Mr. B was not having a good travel week (travel isn&