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Happy Thanksgiving, Y'all!

What's For Dinner {the Thanksgiving edition}

It's almost time for the big day!  I love Thanksgiving and am really looking forward to it this year.  We'll be having our meal at my parents' house--which is very close by--with family and friends.  I've been busy the past few days finalizing our menu with my mom and sister and making my grocery list.  As usual, we have gone overboard and are preparing a ridiculous amount of food!  I can hardly wait! :) Here is our menu (links are included for the recipes we'll be using): Thanksgiving 2014 Appetizers Stuffed Date Rumaki Pickles & Olive plate Main Course Roasted Turkey Crockpot Dressing Giblet Gravy Cranberry Sauce Mashed Potatoes Green Bean Casserole Corn Casserole Brussels Sprouts Sweet Potato Casserole Baked Macaroni & Cheese Buttered Corn Copper Pennies 9-Layer Salad Fruit Salad Rolls Dessert Chocolate Cream Pie Deep Dish Pumpkin Pie Apple Pie P.S. if you're looking for a great {

A Nonverbal Learning Disability and What It Means For Our Family

If you've been reading my blog for a while then you may have noticed that these past 9 months or so it has just basically limped along.  In fact, I even took a lengthy break for part of that time. And that was nice. I hesitate to say I was feeling "burnout".  But I guess maybe that was it in a way.  My husband likes to say that burnout doesn't happen because you have too many things going on, but instead it happens when you are not feeling fulfilled in all of the things you are doing.  And I think there's much truth in that. It's easy to keep going full-steam-ahead when you're pumped about how things are going.  But when you feel like every day is sucking the life out of you it's a little harder. Last winter we began the process of having our 9-yr-old son, Mr. B, tested for what we thought might be ADHD.  It seemed like it took forever.  In reality it took about 6 months.  So, yeah ....forever. At least it feels like forever when you'

What's For Dinner {Nov 17th}

We are going into our second week back from our family vacation ...and I am still trying to get organized again and back in my routine.  We are already into the holiday season (last week we had our first-of-three Thanksgiving meal!) and the calendar is starting to really fill up.   This week is super full, too, but I am still planning on dinner at home most evenings.  I love family dinners at home! Monday:   Parmesan Chicken Cutlets, Steamed Broccoli, Sauteed Summer Squash, Salad Tuesday:  {Thanksgiving potluck with our homeschool group}   Corn Casserole Wednesday:   Potato Soup ....maybe {Mr. B is having oral surgery on this day so I'm sort of playing it by ear} Thursday:  Taco Cups with Rice Friday:  {not yet decided due to possible plans} maybe Homemade Pizza or Stromboli Saturday:  {not yet decided due to possible plans}  maybe out?? This post is linked to Menu Plan Monday at I'm an Organizing Junkie.