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Our {home}school Curriculum Plans for '15-'16 {5th & 7th grades}

I love this time of year!  Having our curriculum plan for the coming school year ...and reading about others' plans is always exciting to me.  I've gotten some great educational leads by checking out what others are using.  Today I'm sharing our choices for the '15/'16 school year. For The Princess... ...who is now....gasp!...a 7th grader !  That means we've been truly homeschooling now for at least 8 years.  Wow.  That sounds like I'm a veteran, but really I learn new things every year.  And now that we're moving into secondary education I've got a lot more to learn about. Bible Study & Christian Character: ~ The Pilgrim's Progress curriculum ~ Our 24 Family Ways ~ Child Training Bible Math: ~ Teaching Textbooks 7 (primary) ~ Life of Fred (supplemental) ~ Khan Academy (supplemental) Language Arts: ~ Learning Language Arts Through Literature Green (grammar) ~ (spelling/vocabulary) ~ Total Lang

Back to Routine: What's for Dinner {Aug 17th}

I don't know about you but this time of the year I always begin to long for the routine that fall brings.  I thoroughly enjoy summertime and the fun, spontaneity, and flexibility that it brings.  But the planner in me loves the routine of fall: regular meal plans, morning routines, bedtime routines children--especially my son--really do much better with routine. While I have kept up menu planning through much of the summer, I haven't been posting it here and often I fail to do it if I'm not posting it.  So in the spirit of 'back to routine', I'm back to posting 'what's for dinner'. Here's what we're having this week: Monday:   Cheesy Stuffed Shells  (from the freezer) with Salad and Bread Tuesday:  Beans (in the crockpot) and Buttermilk Cornbread Wednesday:  Grilled Hot Dogs, Creamed Corn, Baked Beans Thursday:  Stuffed Peppers (maybe these ) Friday: yet-to-be-decided Saturday: Snacks & Leftovers (a bit of a f