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A Day at the State Fair

Yesterday we met up with our homeschool group at the State Fair for a few hours. It was a perfect early Fall day for going and we had a great time! The kiddos really enjoyed the petting zoo area~the animals were really fun! Then we checked out the prized-winning exhibits and animals. I have to say looking at all of the farm animal entries is probably my favorite part. Then we had rode a few rides and had a little *fair food* before going. Here are some of my favorite shots of the day: I love this time of year, don't you?!

Eggs in Bologna Cups...Otherwise Known as Poor Man's Shirred Eggs

Yesterday morning I made something that I haven't made since I was a kid. I was reminded of this recipe last week when looking through one of my childhood cookbooks with The Princess: Betty Crocker's Cookbook for Boys & Girls. I've had it since 3rd grade~one look at the cover and you know immediately which decade I was born in. It has some pretty cute recipes in it. I can only remember making a few of them. One of those was Eggs in Bologna Cups. As I recalled, it was pretty yummy. So we thought we'd try it again. I never, never buy bologna, but this week I made a special purchase (all-beef!) just for this recipe:) And they turned out great~a big hit with everyone! I told Vince they made me think of Shirred Eggs , just a *poor man's* version.. heehee Eggs in Bologna Cups (Betty Crocker's Cookbook for Boys & Girls) 1. Preheat oven to 375F 2. Take as many pieces of bologna as cups you are making. Fry them in a skillet on both sides just unti

One Thousand Gifts: Life

0301. the beauty of God's creation 0302. the joy of exploring creation with my kiddos 0303. the gift of another year 0304. the sweetness of my kiddos' love of giving 0305. handmade love notes from my children 0306. the first big hug from my hubby when he gets home from a trip 0307. listening to my son read for the first time from his reader 0308. watching my daughter overcome her fears 0309. the lovely cool breezes that Autumn brings 0310. enjoying warm cider on those cool Autumn nights 0528ba71-4143-48d9-96e4-6d639ad16b46 1.03.01

Menu Plan Monday: Sept 27th

Since I pretty much took the week off from cooking last week, I guess I'd better be on top of things this week! What can I say though: my family spoiled me for my birthday ( and I loved every minute of it :)! My hubby and kiddos took me to PF Chang's on my birthday ( I have got to learn how to make those lettuce wraps!! Has anyone tried it? ). Then my parents and sister took me to my fave local Italian place a couple of nights later~so yummy and fun (I think we got pretty loud laughing at Mr. B's new *funny faces*)! If you count all the leftovers we brought home, that was a couple more meals! And let's just not mention all the meals that I just ate those birthday cupcakes and the cake my parents got me. I definitely must start working out again!! This week I'm making a few new-ish things. I'm just ready for something different, especially now that the weather is cooling off. I'm trying out my homemade pesto with grilled salmon this wee

Week 3: the Nile River, the Sun & the Autumnal Equinox

This has been a fun and full week! I love the weeks when we really have some great memorable moments and don't just *get through* our work~and this has been a memory-making week! We are doing well staying on schedule with our subjects. In fact, Mr. B is a little ahead in at least one of his subjects and I'm thrilled with that. The Princess is right on track, too! Of course, this is only week 3~I get that~but still it feels good to be tracking well. Our Bible lessons have been going very well. We are studying a character trait each month and this month's trait is loyalty . I am pleased with how much the kiddos are retaining~they seem to enjoy the lessons a lot. In history we have been learning about the early inhabitants of the Nile River Delta and have just started talking about Egypt. We made White Crown King crowns to wear (this is a fun quick project using wax paper, just don't expect these to stand the test of time...haha). We also created our own

A Little Backyard Astronomy

I don't know if you've noticed, but the past couple of nights there have been amazing views of the moon. Really beautiful! Two nights ago we got out our little amateur telescope~that we think is just too much fun!~ and took in the sight with the kiddos. It's always so cool to see the moon up closer and SO big! The kids love to check it out. Then just last night I read about something very cool. It was the first time in almost 20 years (since 1991) that the full moon~the Harvest Moon~rose at 100% illumination directly on the Autumnal Equinox. It won't happen again until 2029. So we hurried and gathered our cameras and headed out to watch the sun set and the moon rise! The sunset was really colorful and gorgeous, in the West. It always amazes me how quickly it sinks! At the same time, the full Harvest Moon was rising in the East. Look at that surface! It's so clear! Later on after the kiddos were tucked in and sound asleep, Vince and I went back outside in t

In Which I Ramble On and On

Yesterday was such a great day with my family! I was definitely a spoiled birthday girl: special breakfast, great gifts, cupcakes, messages from friends and cards in the mail, dinner at PF Chang's and lots of birthday loving from my kiddos! I am one blessed wife and mama! Of course we also had a full day of school and I was pretty tired (the birthday girl got to bed too late, as usual). But I did get a short nap in, too. Yes, I played the "it's my birthday" card:) Since school has started I have been making a huge (for me) effort to get up very early (6 am). Now, I am very much a night owl by nature and wake up naturally around 8 am. So yes, this has been killing me. It's not so much that I don't want to get up. I actually like being up for an hour or so (usually) before even my early-bird son. This gives me time to have my first cup of coffee, read my Bible and have a little computer time while the whole house is quiet and still. I even enjoy seei

Let the Celebration Begin!

Y'all know I like to party for at least a week or so for my birthday, right? I mean, what's the fun in getting older if you don't take the opportunity to really celebrate?! This year is no exception. I've already gotten a couple of awesome packages in the mail (yea!) and my hubby and kiddos have made me... (wait for it) .... CUPCAKE S !!! From the Hello, Cupcake! book, of course! They are SO yummy! He made them chocolate with a sweet surprise tucked inside: mini 3Musketeer bars~one of my faves! After baking in, they made the insides all gooey and delicious! Mmmm.... He was a little frustrated with the butterfly wing technique and had some problems which is why more of them aren't decorated with wings. I told him I didn't know of another husband anywhere that would go to all of this trouble to make his wife cake for her birthday and I think they're all awesome!! And he's awesome!! So as you can see, my birthday is off to a won