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Summer Lovin'

I've been wishing for more of those lazy days of summer, but even though it's been super busy around here we are having a good summer.  Just not a lazy one ;)  I'm completely tempted to give myself an extra month of summer an not start back-to-{home}school until October.   I'm kidding.   Maybe.   So thought I'd give you a little peek at what we've been up to lately.   We love Christian Way Farm!  There's always something fun to do there!   And playing mini golf in 90+ degree weather is definitely fun ~especially for kiddos who score holes-in-one and get a freebie from the drink cooler! The Princess has begun guitar lessons from my dad.   She is liking it so far, although she did confide to me that she  didn't realize it would be "that hard".  Ah, the joys of practicing.   Did I mention that we start piano lessons next month? We are starting to harvest some pretty little cherry tomatoes from  our fe

What's For Dinner {July 7th}

So, yes, I'm a day behind in posting this.  I hope you'll understand. Summertime is here and I'm feeling a bit lazy this week.  It's been so hectic lately that I've enjoyed have a little more downtime at home so far this week. We did have a lovely 4th of July weekend though~how was yours?  We had a friend visiting from Alabama and we just hung out doing things like grilling out, eating on the deck, watching the kiddos swim, discovering a new farmers market, going on wild goose chases looking for some bookstores, and playing Mario Kart :) But I neeeeeed my menu plan.  Our evenings don't go well without it. So in the spirit of staying on track, here it is: Monday:   Rotisserie chicken with white sauce, baked beans , fried okra , and twice-baked potatoes Tuesday:   {Date Night!!} Wednesday:   (Mexican meal at our small group leaders' meeting)  I'm taking Black Bean Salsa & tortilla chips Thursday:   Crockpot Honey Garlic Chicken w