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Help Us Hit 1,000 Views!!

My husband, Vince, does video work and occasionally enters video contests sponsored on YouTube. He is currently in a video contest to raise the awareness of AMD, Age-Related Macular Degeneration. You can help us get his video to 1,000 views by Sunday. No voting, just viewing!! Go HERE to view. Thanks so much!!

*Labels & Tags*

Do you love to label things? I DO!! It must be the organizer in me, but I think a cute (and functional) label just dresses something up nicely. Sometimes I make a cute handmade tag. Other times I grab, my hubby's... label maker. Here are a few of the things I've labeled around my house. The laundry basket in the kiddos' bathroom: The *outgoing* mail basket by the garage door: A jar of sand and shells: A jar of beach rocks: Homemade spice mix: Cute jars in the pantry: My new bucket for my homemade laundry soap : I'm already thinking of more things around my house that need some *label love*! This post is linked to My Romantic Home and The Inspired Room.

Just Popping In

Hey, Y'all! How's your week been? It's been a pretty good one here. Monday night I hosted our homeschool group monthly Moms Nite Out. It was a lot of fun! There were about a dozen of us sharing frugal ideas, household tips and menu planning ideas. I even got to show off my homemade laundry soap {insert: ooo's and ahh's }. I was inspired by another mom to take my menu planning up a notch and start looking at a month at a time. I'm working on a series of seasonal menus to rotate. I've just begun, but whenever I get them finished I'll share them with you. We've started a little science experiment this week, too: growing our own crystals. I have to admit that we actually started this experiment last week, but I completely goofed on the measurements and container. So in order to redeem myself, I picked up a new kit at Hobby Lobby. Don't worry, I'm documenting it with the camera (there might even be some video involved). Right now I'm just rel

One Thousand Gifts

0071. feeling the creativity flowing 0072. enjoying time with friends 0073. stolen moments, reading a good book 0074. a dinner that every one likes 0075. friendships, old and new 0076. Skyping with my hubby {when he's on trips} 0077. my hidden stash of chocolate 0078. occasionally getting to sleep past 8 am 0079. having a great day of homeschooling 0080. the hope of Spring

Menu Plan Monday: February 22nd

I'm back in the saddle again this week with the menu planning. Last week was a rough week in many respects and my plans were not always on target. But this week should be better. There's much less on the calendar for this week (yea!). However, I am hosting our homeschool group February's Moms Nite Out at my house tonight. I'm looking forward to that! I really do enjoy having people over. Of course that means getting the house cleaned up, right? But I've found that having company is one of the best ways to get your housecleaning done~at least it's great motivation for me:) Yesterday the weather was so nice that I was able to have the windows open, airing out the house, and cleaning up a storm. It felt great! What's your best motivation to clean? Here's what's cooking this week: Monday: 15 Bean Soup* with cornbread Tuesday: Steak & Potato Scallop with a veggi e Wednesday: Potato Soup with Fresh Bread Thursday: Baked Salmon

Ahh....the Weekend

I'm so glad it's here! It's felt like a week and a half, for some reason. So I'm enjoying this Saturday morning with my coffee and Girl Scout cookies (the breakfast of champions, ya know), while my hubby catches up on his sleep (he just got home from his trip yesterday~ yea! ) and the kiddos chill out with some classic Disney. Thank you so much to those of you who have been praying this week for my sister-in-law . I'd like to give you a good report: She spent a couple of days in ICU as they monitored her and managed the post-op pain, and then one more day in the neuro unit, but she was able to go home yesterday. We are so glad! By all indications and the doctor's report, her surgery was very successful. However the doctor did discover that her c-1 was not fully formed (from birth), so that has answered a lot of questions for her. She has about 4 more weeks of recovery time at home where she will need to really take it easy, but we are believing that will go sm

For the Love of Blue & White

Blue and white has been a pair of *friends* to me for a long, long time. I fell in love with the combination way before I was married and began to pick up a piece or two here and there. When we were first married, I began collecting blue and white plates in earnest to hang in our kitchen (I love hanging plates!). I also kept an eye out for cobalt blue glassware, it's just so beautiful. Then as friends and family members found out how much I liked blue and white, I began to receive pieces as gifts~lovely!! Thus a *collection* was formed. In the past I know I have shared my plates in the dining room/kitchen and also my blue and white souvenir plates , but today I'm sharing blue and white things around my kitchen and house that make me smile. I hope they make you smile, too! This post is linked to Show & Tell Friday at My Romantic Hom e.

Please Tell Me My Kids' Over-Active Imagination Is Completely Normal

OK, just for the record, I LOVE that my kids have great imaginations! I always have had a great one, especially as a child. I was an only child for 9 years and never had any problems keeping myself entertained. But my kids have me shaking my head some days. They are only 2 years apart and they play very well together. They fight very well together, too. I guess that comes with the territory though. Plus we homeschool, so they are together a lot. They have this tendency~and have had for a long time now~to completely immerse themselves into acting out whatever favorite movie they're into at the time. Currently it's *Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs*. They are going to be inventors ! In case you haven't seen this movie, it's nothing like the book, but it is cute. And it celebrates the *nerdy inventor type*. The movie came out last September and we all saw it together at the theater. And that was fine, no repercussions. But when Vince bought the dvd in December

One Thousand Gifts

0061. safe travels for my husband 0062. a teachable spirit 0063. Valentine chocolate 0064. being a blessing to others 0065. which brings even more blessings to you 0066. the incredible imaginations of my children 0067. sleeping late 0068. taking naps 0069. the personal, intimate way that God, our Savior, loves us 0070. the amazing gift of prayer: personal communion with the God of the universe

A Valentine Marathon

I'm not sure how it happened, but Valentine's day seemed to last forever at our house this year:) So I'm just re-capping all of the fun here. First, check out this heart-shaped potato, folks. Yes, a potato! I guess I was in the spirit of the holiday because I spotted this heart as soon as I picked it up. And, yes, I peeled it and we ate it. No *Shrine-of-the-Heart-Potato* here. I promise. Next up was the crafting of the Valentine boxes for our homeschool group's Valentine Skating Party. The kiddos were SO excited! The Princess went for a classic Valentine look, but Mr. B decided on a cowboy theme. Yes, he's into Toy Story right now:) And all of their hard work really paid off~their boxes were adorable. Vince and I exchanged Valentines with each other and the kiddos early since he would be out-of-town on Valentine's day. There was lots of chocolate involved. But Vince also got the kids the coolest they are checking it out. It's this: