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Mama's pancakes

My mama (and, yes, in the South we grown women still call our mothers this) has the best recipe for pancake or waffle batter. She made them all the time when I was growing up and now I make them for my family. Today I made them in heart shapes. And they were quickly gobbled up! My little princess is all about everything Valentine's right now. Mama's pancake batter: 1 egg 3 Tbls. oil 1 Tbls. vanilla 1 cup Bisquick 3/4 cup milk Combine the first three ingredients, then add the last two. Now you're ready to either fry it up in a pan or cook in a waffle maker. And don't forget to add lots of butter and syrup! Enjoy!

Cool T-shirt Designs

Hey, Everybody! My sister over at Logorrhea is quite the *crafty* girl. She crochets, knits, beads, among other cool things, and lately she's been having fun with t-shirt designs. I personally love the one above! Head over to her site and check out some of her designs. She'd love to hear from you, I know.

A Baby Shower

This past Sunday I helped give a baby shower for a friend at church who is expecting twin boys. The names she and her husband have chosen for their boys both begin with a *C*, so I decided to make some monogram cookies in their honor. I'd almost forgotten that I had a set of alphabet cookie cutters--they are so fun! I thought the cookies turned out really cute, not to mention very yummy!!

Menu Plan Monday

Remembering that one of my New Year's goals was to improve at menu planning, I'm getting started with the help and encouragement of The Organizing Junkie . Every Monday she hosts a menu planning Mr. Linky "thingy" and I've decided to join the fun--for accountability purposes, ya know! Besides that you can find lots of great ideas for menu planning and recipes. So here's my plan for this week: Monday: slow cooker chicken & rice Tuesday: Pot Roast with carrots & potatoes Wednesday: (meal at church) Thursday: (meal at church college ministry) Friday: cornflake-crusted baked chicken Saturday: tacos Be sure to to go by I'm an Organizing Junkie and check out the other great menu ideas!

Another hat on my head

Wife. Mother. Youth pastor/college pastor's wife. Small group leader. And nursery pastor. Yes, I have added another hat to my head ( cue that Amy Grant song...). As of this past week I am now officially the director over the nursery/preschool department (ages 0-6) at our church. And you're asking, "what are you thinking?!?!" I'm excited about it though. Maybe it's partly because I have a personal interest, what with having children ages 4 and 2 and all. Maybe it's partly because our church is at a great place of transition since we are nearly ready to move into a brand-new children's facility. Yes, it's going to be a challenge. Some people just don't like change--hey, even I don't like it in areas (like my hairspray or lipstick)--but change usually comes from growth and progression which are GREAT things. So, I know that this change is going to require some personal changes from me. I'm going to have to show some real g

Frugal Fridays

Today I would like to share one of my favorite grocery savings. I never buy pre-packaged seasoning mixes anymore since finding these recipes. They are from the cookbook Mennonite Country-Style Recipes by Esther Shank. The whole cookbook is really great, but these seasoning mixes are hands-down the recipes I have used most from this book. I love them because they are made from spices and herbs that nearly everyone already has in their pantry so you don't need to spend extra $$ on the pre-packaged mixes--plus they taste GREAT! They are much more flavorful, in my personal opinion. So here they are.....enjoy! TACO SEASONING MIX 2 tsp. instant minced onion 1 tsp. salt 1 tsp. chili powder 1/2 tsp. cornstarch 1/2 tsp. crushed dried red pepper 1/2 tsp. instant minced garlic 1/2 tsp. ground cumin 1/4 tsp. dried oregano Combine in a small bottle. Label. May store for up to 6 months. To use: Brown 1 lb. hamburger; drain. Add seasoning mix and 1/2 cup water; simmer 10 minutes, stirring occasi

The emotional roller coaster

What an emotional weekend. We found out on Friday that the baby has no heartbeat. Our new baby has gone on to Heaven already at only 7 weeks. I was still processing the fact that I was going to be a mother for a third time, only to find out that I am not. It is very sad, but we know that God is in control and He never makes mistakes. The toughest part was breaking the news to our children. We probably shouldn't have told them so soon about having a new baby, but not having had problems like this in the past we just didn't think, I guess. They are doing well though, even though I know it's hard for their young minds to grasp. Thank you for your prayers and thoughts, they really mean a lot to us during this time.

Italian Night

Every other Thursday night we host a small group at our house for young married couples. It is always so much fun--they are a great group! We always have a meal together and everyone contributes something. There's usually a theme, like last night's was Italian. It was so good, I thought I would share a couple of the recipes. Zesty Deep Dish Pizza Crust: 3-31/2 cups flour, divided 1 pkg. rapid-rising yeast 1/4 cup Parmesan cheese 1/2 tsp salt 1 tsp. sugar 1/4 tsp. pepper (I like freshly ground) 1 cup warm water 3 Tbls. olive oil 1 egg, slightly beaten (this is only necessary if you don't use a stone for baking) Topping: 3 Tbls. Parmesan cheese 1 jar (15 oz.) pizza or spaghetti sauce 1 med. onion, minced 2-3 cups Mozzarella cheese 20 pepperoni slices Oregano Optional toppings that we like: mushrooms black olives bell pepper In a large bowl, combine 1 1/2 cups flour, yeast, Parmesan cheese, sugar, salt and pepper. Add warm

Ramblings on pregnancy and travel

It has been a whirlwind week around here. And I think I'm still somewhat walking in a daze about the pregnancy. Don't get the wrong impression though, we are very happy about it. We always talked about wanting more than two children and now we are blessed with our hearts' desire. I'm starting to look at things differently now though, thinking what it will be like with three little ones instead of two. Remember when you only had one child and just going to Wal -Mart was a major event? Then along came #2 and you wondered how you would ever get out the door! Well, some days it still takes forever to get out the door, but going most places with two kiddos is pretty easy for me now. (Only because I'm used to it!) Now I'll be taking my bravery to a whole new level with three. For example: this past Monday we had to make a quick trip to Arkansas for a meeting. We left our house at 5am to catch a 7am flight, arriving at our final destination around 1pm--not too bad. And

Thanks for stopping by

Like everyone else I feel the need of relations and friendship, of affection, of friendly intercourse, and I am not made of stone or iron, so I cannot miss these things without feeling, as does any other intelligent man, a void and deep need. I tell you this to let you know how much good your visit has done me. Vincent Van Gough

I don't know where to begin

but to start blogging this year was a goal of mine--so I'd better get started! I've been *lurking* in the blogging community for about a year now. It's been so much fun and encouraging to me in so many ways. *Meeting* so many wonderful people (at least in my mind) has been very interesting. I'm always looking for better and more creative ways to connect and keep in touch with my friends and family and I hope this will be a great way to do that. I hope that lots of you will comment and maybe even join me in this blogging adventure. I don't know how everyone else celebrated New Year's Eve this year, but we were pretty boring. No hot date for us this year--just staying in, watching a movie. Then New Year's day came with such a surprise for us that I was rather wordless. Even now, I'm still in a bit of shock at how this year has started. We are going to be having a third child! Wow. Now that it's in print, it makes it seem a little more real. We are trul

My Favorite Blogs

I'd love for you to click over and check out some of my very favorite blogs! There are so many wonderful ones out there that inspire me. I know you will enjoy these, too. Blogs about life, entertaining, decorating, cooking, you-name-it: 4 Reluctant Entertainers a little birdie told me so A Simple Walk Blissfully Domestic Boomama Britt-Arnhild's House in the Woods Chocolate Ink Confessions of a Pioneer Woman Daydreamin' Everything's Coming Up Daisies Freebies 4 Mom Hello, Darhlin' Heritage Schoolhouse I Take Joy I'm an Orgainizing Junkie Kicking It In Crazyville Money Saving Mom My Five Men Nesting Place Our Little Monkeys Pleasant View Schoolhouse Rocks in My Dryer Shell in Your Pocket simple mom Small Notebook Storybook Woods The Inspired Room The Shabby Nest Vince Farrell Ministries Blogs with a focus on homeschooling: By Sun and Candlelight Just Another Day in Paradise Confessions of a Homeschooler Dizzy in the Noodle