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Bringing Some Accountability {Updated--2X}

~~2nd UPDATE~
19 shirts of mine & Vince's, 10 pieces of the kiddos's clothes, 5 dinner napkins and 2 pillowcases later....I'm finally DONE!! Whoo Hoo!!! The movie definitely helped~that is such a fun movie! Great soundtrack:)

Well, this day hasn't maybe been as productive as I would have liked, but I have made progress. My morning got bogged down with paying bills and figuring out how to do estimated taxes (since we are currently self-employed). By this afternoon, I was feeling sluggish, but I did get the laundry all caught up. Now I am off to do some ironing while watching *13 Going on 30*. I am NOT a fan of ironing, but it's not so bad when you can just zone out watching something:) I may also sneak the rest of the Easter stuff into the attic now that the kiddos are in bed!

OK, I have just tons of things around the house that I need to be doing, but I just feel like procrastinating. However, in the spirit of accountability, I thought I'd post my *to~do* list and maybe get motivated to check some things off!

In no particular order:
  1. Switch out the seasonal clothes in my & Vince's closet
  2. Put away the Easter stuff
  3. Fill in the new photo album pages that I recently bought
  4. Catch up on the laundry
  5. Do the ironing

Well, there's more, but I don't want to overwhelm myself so we'll stop there for now! lol! I'll be back later to report on the progress.

What do you have planned for today?


We are painting the bedroom. I love list...lots of list. Lists make the world go round!! Good luck and happy working.

Have a Terrific Tuesday
from Roberta Anne--The Raggedy Girl
steviewren said…
I took the day off to do some cleaning and to do some art. I'm having to clean my piled up workspace before I can begin. I've collected bits of this and that and have to find a spot for it all.
Kari said…
Want to do my laundry and ironing too, while you're at it? =)
nanatrish said…
It sounds like you are such an organized person. I have quite a bit of ironing. Maybe I need to put a movie in the DVD player and get moving.
Jamie said…
I stink at ironing, it is definitely one of my least favorite chores. Way to go at tackling it and getting stuff done.
Lisa said…
I feel your pain with the ironing. I don't mind my clothes and the kids, but Rick's dress shirts and khakis are terrible! I am not good at ironing creases in pants legs....As a matter of fact I used to say that when I got married my husband would either not wear creased khakis or would iron them himself!! Rick does wear them (although I have switched some pairs out with flat-front)...and after several trys at me ironing them unsuccessfully, he irons his pants. Actually, he will iron just about anything...which is good for me:) Just don't ask him to fold and put away clothes...
That's awesome that Rick will iron his clothes! Vince's version of ironing is to toss it in the dryer with wet clothes:)
Betsy Brock said…
I hate ironing, too! I avoid it at all costs! I guess a movie would help a lot!

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