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Making Memories Through the Year

With Easter just over a week away I've been thinking about some of the fun things that we do as a family each year. We really enjoy the seasons and the holidays around here!

Each Spring we look forward to flying kites. So far this year we've only had a chance to try it once and it wasn't the windiest day, but we had fun anyway. We'll also be dying eggs and making sugar cookies with the Easter/Spring cutters from our cookie cutter collection. We have cookie cutters for most every occasion!

Another favorite tradition that we've only been doing for the past two years is spending time at the beach. We LOVE going with the kiddos because they enjoy it so much! I hope it's a family tradition that we can continue even when we move further away from the beach.

In the fall we always head to a pumpkin patch. Picking out pumpkins and carving them is a very fun family tradition for us.

These are just a few of our family traditions. As you can see, some of our family traditions are *bigger* and some are just simple fun, but they are all special to our family.

What are some of the things your family does that are real traditions for you? I'd love to hear about them!

Heidi at Mt. Hope Chronicles is talking about yearly family traditions today, so head over and check out what she is sharing!


Michelle M. said…
I love all of your traditions. We go to the pumpkin patch as well every fall. I hope that we will make some new traditions this year. I feel like we do a lot, but nothing is consistent. I guess that's something to strive for. :)
What lovely photos and I love the through the year theme...that was nice.

from Roberta Anne
The Raggedy Girl
Heidi said…
I love that bunny cake! My friend made one for us a couple years ago and the boys loved it. Should try that myself...

My boys are always begging to go kite flying, but when we get around to it, the wind is never right. Which is weird, because there is usually lots of wind around here... We really need to try to do that this year!!

Thanks for participating. I always enjoy your thoughts and photos!
Mominin said…
Enjoyed your traditions! We'll have to try kite looks like fun!
Wonderful traditions! My younger kids have never flown kites, and we keep saying "We've got to buy a kite!" Maybe this will be the year...
Mon Cheri said…
Great traditions! Kite flying is something hard to get around to But if you keep a kite with the beach things it's usually windy there. Great to see every idea shared this week.
Kayren said…
We always color our eggs with an egg spinner that we purchased in New Jersey back in the late 90's. The kids have a blast with it. I just found them at Wal-Mart of all places, so I bought a second one since it takes so long to pass it around and have turns with all four of them.

We loved the pumpkin patch in New Jersey and Illinois, but we never went the two years we were in Illinois or this year when we got here, although the cider mill has taken its place possibly.

I think we will be building lots of new traditions in the coming years in our new home state.
OK, this may be a dumb question....but what is an egg spinner? I may need one of those!!
Heather said…
I love your bunny cake, Lora! A neighbor just gave me a "pattern," of sorts, to make one and I can't wait to give it a shot next week with my little ones... baking with the kiddos is always the best!
Kayren said…
Well, it's a self-contained plastic thing with a removable dome. You put a drop (or some drops) of water-soluble dye in it (when you buy the spinner it comes with some, then you have to find some in a kit later). You put a hard-boiled egg in, put the dome on, and then there is a large button on top that is spring-loaded that you push over and over until you are satisfied. It causes the inside to spin round and round the middle and makes a tie-dye effect on the egg. You can use multiple colors together as long as they aren't the ones that will turn brown together. My kids love this, and we've used it since our girls were five years old.

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