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Fall Nesting

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Hey, come on in!! The fall nesting has begun at my house!

I know it's a little early to be thinking of trick-or-treating,
but I love the way these cute bags look hanging,
ready to go, on the hall tree.

My adorable jack-o-lantern coasters:)

A little wooden pumpkin that my dad brought me from Guatemala~
it's nesting quietly beside the fireplace.

My majolica turkey~isn't he a beauty?!

A pumpkin garland for the dining table.

My ceramic pumpkin just waiting to be filled with fall candy.

Susan Branch's Autumn book~it's wonderful!~
and my amber squirrel dish. I like to serve the
cranberry sauce in it at Thanksgiving.
A lovely fall dish given to me by a friend.
Don't you love this pair of dishes that my sister gave me?

I love this tea towel! It makes me smile:)

Thanks for dropping by! Before you go,
have a piece of apple bread!
Oh~and don't forget to enter the giveaway!


I am leaving inspired. Great job!
steviewren said…
You are sooooo into the season! Love the look. I needed some inspiration.
Betsy Brock said…
I do my fall decor on my birthday...which happens to be the first day of fall in a few weeks! It's so fun to bring in the season like this, isn't it?

I'll have a piece of that apple bread! yum!
Kayren said…
It's been so cool here I feel like I almost skipped summer, but it's hard to believe it's almost officially fall. I'm still not quite ready to decorate yet, but having moved so much over the years I kept those things to a minimum so I really don't have much. Sounds like a Marshall's trip to me to see if I can find some bargains. Or Hobby Lobby. They have fantastic deals too. Your house looks very festive.
Gypsy Lala said…
Pretty fall decoration.
Gayle said…
Love your fall nesting decorations, that cake looks yummy! I like your blog name, it's great to live a blessed life.
Jessica said…
What? No recipe for the apple cake? It looks so delicious along with all your other autumn decorations. I'm ready to break out mine now too.
arkie said…
Beautiful decorations! Cute blog! Love your blue willow!
Gee said…
Hi Dianne.

nice posting and thanks for sharing. Have a nice weekend.
i like your wreath.. with all about Fall.. just lovely!
Susan said…
That apple cake looks delicious! You have some beautiful fall decorations. It's my favorite time of the year, and I'm getting ready to decorate too.
I love it! Christmas is when I go crazy.
Hootin Anni said…
L♥VE 'em all!!!!!!
Especially anything that has to do with Halloween. Those coasters are super. [the turkey is so colorful...gotta have that for my dining table...where do you live? KIDDING!]

My Show N Tell is posted. Hope you can have time to stop by.
Makes me want to get out my Fall decorations, too.
Mama Bear
Lora, first time to your blog. Enjoyed my visit! You ladies are really getting me in the mood for fall!
Looks like everyone is getting ready for Fall. I love all of your decorations, especially the Turkey - Gobble Gobble.

I've just become a follower and will be back again!

Please stop by The Old Parsonage anytime, I love company!

Enjoy your day!
Your Fall post is the best! I am
now following you! I can't wait to
see your other creative ideas!
Mrs.T said…
I will do most of my fall decorating on the first day of fall or thereabouts too. It's just now beginning to feel like summer up here.

Your fall things are all lovely. I especially like that tea towel. Thanks for sharing... and for stopping by my kitchen table too.

God bless,
Anonymous said…
Your posts has me heading for the basement to dig out my fall decor! Something has been in the air for sure, you are the fifth person I know of who made brownies in the last few days, myself included!
Elise said…
LOVE all of your Fall decor!! That squirrel dish is awesome. I love me some squirrels!!
I've been finding some awesome Fall blogs today. It's my favorite season... It was fun to see your Fall Decor.
The bread does look very YUMMY.
Maybe you'll come visit me.
Deb :)
Autumn is my favorite time of year. Your treasures are so pretty! I especially love the turkey.


alanna rose said…
Very nice!
I love that Majolica Turkey!
Elaine said…
Great Fall decor. And you have great taste. I have the same Susan Branch cookbook and I have an amber turkey dish instead of a squirrel one.

Loved the turkey too!

Great Fall post.

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