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A Visit to the Tree Farm

We took a little field trip yesterday to the local Christmas tree farm. We actually already have our tree up (pics to come soon!), an artificial one, but we thought it would be fun to join our homeschool group for a little farm tour fun. It turned out the be the perfect, frosty morning for tramping through the rows of pines. They were beautiful and they smelled so good! I'm thinking a fresh wreath would be just lovely! ...Tell me, do you have a fresh or an artificial tree?


(On a side note: is it just me or are any of you others with blogs on Blogger having problems with dragging and dropping photos while doing your posts? Just recently this feature has become almost impossible for me to work with and it takes forever to get my pics in the right spots. If anyone has any tips for me, I would so appreciate it. Thanks!)


Kathy said…
we have an artificial tree ... but your post makes me miss those years when we used to go and cut down a fresh one ... maybe next year we'll do that again! =)
Heather said…
I put up 4 artificial trees this year!! Fun stuff! We do buy a fresh wreath so we still have the Christmas tree smell.

I am also having a terrible time with blogger and photos. It's why I've almost quit blogging. I don't have time to fight the photos at night, very frustrating!!
Hallee said…
I love the picture with the candycane. So beautiful!

I know what you mean! It takes me 2x+ longer to do a post sometimes, especially if there's more than one pic involved. Very frustrating!
I love the pictures of you guys all bundled up. Isn't winter wonderful? I would love to have a real tree, but unfortunately I have allergies and can't have the real deal. You guys look like you are having so much fun.
Kayren said…
Is that the Griswold tree I see with Vince and the kids? :)

Well, on the picture note, I've always had trouble with it, so that makes a year and a half. I'm not so technically savvy as I've probably mentioned before. So I'll tell you what I do and maybe it will help. Maybe not though.

I don't use hard returns. I use the < B R > for each return I want. Of course there would be no spaces when you used it, but if I didn't put them it wouldn't show up for you. I usually do two of those at the end of each paragraph and then drag my photo to the end >. Then I use my mouse to put my cursor flashing line on the next line and start typing again. It will usually put my text in the right place.

If I have to put hard returns in, to center some text but not the rest, then I have to play around with it some. I can usually get away with one of the < B R > and then a hard return, but sometimes I have to do two of those BR things. You have to have a hard return between centering changes, going from left justified to centering and back, or whatever. I also use the edit html and can mess around with it in there sometimes. I've found occasionally that there will be three or four empty return lines that don't show up and I can't figure it out, but when I go over there and get rid of them it solves the problem.

Sometimes I will also have to put in a few hard returns just to have space to move the pictures around if I didn't load them up the way I wanted. Then I just have to make sure and try to drop them in the right spot. That's where the edit html can sometimes come in handy.

I also use the preview post feature to figure out where everything is going to be and that's how I know if it's falling into place correctly or not.

It doesn't take me too long anymore. After a year and a half I have it down to a fine science!
Kristenph said…
We buy a live tree. But the tree of choice here (Western NC) is Frasier fir. I don't know that I would do live if it were pine.
Yes! I think that IS Clark Griswold's tree:) LOL We just watched that the other night.

Thanks for the tips on photo placement. I had no idea about the < BR > thing. I'll have to check that out.
Kari said…
This looked like so much fun! =)

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