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Yes, THAT Is My Son

I have a precious 6-year-old son.

He has adorable dimples.  He just lost his first tooth, so he has a cute gap-tooth smile right now.  He loves to laugh, tell jokes and play silly pranks.  He loves to read, eat fruit and play Angry Birds.

He's very good at math and art and building Legos.  He gives amazing hugs and sweet kisses and tells me that he loves me often.

He has a sensitive spirit, even though he sometimes hides it.  He's still very much my *little* boy.

He also is impulsive, has a quick temper and can throw a pretty good fit at times.  Thankfully, he is generally quick to say he's sorry and try to do the right thing.

He's not perfect by a long shot.  Neither am I.  Not by a very long shot.

In fact, it grieves me when I see my negative traits sometimes exhibit themselves in him.  I need to be a better example.

Every day brings new challenges with him and also great moments of joy.  And deep sighs of relief when I get him all tucked in for the night.

I am so blessed that he is my son.  While many days I feel inadequate to be the best mom to him, I know that God graced our family with him for a special purpose.  I know that God has amazing plans for this child.  This child who has true leadership ability even at this young age.

I pray for him daily and I pray for myself daily to be the best mom to him that God can help me to be.

And while I sometimes cringe on playdates because, yes, THAT was my son who did....whatever it was that time.  I love him more than words can say and I still say proudly "Yes, THAT is my son."


Gary said…
I read the title of your blog from a link at A Little Birdie Told Me and wanted to stop by because I enjoy the energy that comes from appreciation of life. And then I read that you are a mom with a young child (I teach first grade so my life is spent around young children) and that you home school. All interesting subjects. I'm glad I stopped by and best to you and your family.
Kari said…
I miss that busy bundle of life. =) Give Mr. B a big hug and kiss for me. (Oh, and the Princess, too.) =)
Will do! Can't wait to see you next week!
Michael Griffin said…
Your son is very lucky to have a sweet and loving mom like you. Uhm, you said he lost his first tooth, right? So has he met the tooth fairy? Did the tooth fairy compensate him well for his lost tooth? haha. Anyways, I hope you post some pics here of your cute little son's gap-toothed smile.

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