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On Becoming a Morning Person: Should I or Shouldn't I?

I've never been a morning person.


As long as I can remember I've wanted to cozy up in my covers and stay in bed as long as possible in the mornings.  I still feel that way.  And it would have worked out okay, I suppose, since I also married a night owl and we had a night-owl-child, but then we had our second child.

Yep, he's the one morning person in this family of four.  I'm pretty sure God's still laughing over that one.

Since growing up, I've certainly realized the benefits of being a morning person--just because one isn't one doesn't mean that you don't have to actually get up and function like one.  It's just really hard.

And as I've grown older I've also come to realize I just don't like to talk to people for a couple of hours after I get up.  It's my processing-this-whole-waking-up-thing time with my coffee.  Of course, that doesn't always work out so well as a mother.  Sometimes I am brutally awakened by wide-awake children wanting things like breakfast and clean clothes.  I want those things, too, I just want someone else to make them happen for me;).  If I'm to get some quiet time alone in the mornings, I'm going to have to get up much earlier, right?

Yes, truth hurts.

Why can't I just be like Martha Stewart and be able to function on only four hours of sleep a night--making me both a night owl and a morning person simultaneously?!

So can a life-long night owl actually change her ways and become an early-to-bed-early-to-rise kind of person?  I'm actually quite productive in the hours between the kids going to bed and my going to bed.  But I really want to be more productive in the hours when I first wake up.

Believe me when I say that I have read much on this matter.  And then morning came and I hit the snooze button.

There are lots of good tips out there on how to "become a morning person".  Some of them I really don't like, but I think I've decided to try them.  Here are a few:

  • Start going to bed a little earlier each night (this means I don't get as much "personal" time after the kiddos go to bed to watch my English murder mysteries)
  • Eat something for breakfast with protein (it helps your brain function)
  • Exercise in the morning (ugh, ugh, and ugh .....but I just might try it)
  • Streamline your morning routine by doing some of those things the night before (deciding on clothes, setting the timer on the coffee, etc)
  • Let more light inside in the mornings (throw open those window blinds!)
  • Turn off the electronics at a little while before your bedtime to help your mind prepare for sleep (yes, a really tough one, I know)
OK, let's stop there before all of us late-night folks are completely overwhelmed.  We can only handle so much reality at a time, right?

Baby steps.

So, I am determining right now to begin taking some baby steps toward adjusting my sleep habits.  I know it won't be easy, but I think it's the right thing for me to do.  

Now I have to get back to nursing my cup o'coffee for just a little longer...


Me said…
We really ARE kindred spirits. I can't (and by "can't" I mean "don't want to") talk before I've at least had my shower and a cup of coffee. I naturally tend to stay up late, but the reality is that when I MUST be up early, I actually LIKE the being's the getting up I loathe. I've been dealing with this issue too, my lovely. You're not alone!
I find doing things in the evening to prepare for the next day has been a big help when I don't feel energized in the morning. THanks for the other tips. Cheers!
Lori in Atlanta
Sarah said…
It's really funny, because I'm writing a post EXACTLY like this for tomorrow's blog. :) I'm not a morning person---at all!

Kari said…
I totally understand this. Of course, I'm more of a morning person naturally, but I don't usually get enough sleep to be able to "pop up" out of bed. I do find that making myself go to bed earlier and taking the time to plan my morning a bit the night before allow me to get up earlier and move a bit more slowly. I always need that adjustment time for my brain to get used to being awake. =)
I love my evening 'me' time but lately it's been getting later and later. Everything suffers when I get up later. EVERYTHING!!! Breakfast suffers, cleaning suffers and my sanity suffers. Getting up early allows me to have quiet time, clean the house, make breakfast and be relaxed and ready for the day.

I need to get back in the groove and I think you should try it too!
I've gone back and forth on this issue as well and I think I'm come to realize I'm never gonna move any mountain before 9 or 10am. I sleep until 7 or 8am and the kids fend for themselves until the queen arises to call them blessed...haha...or something like that. I do admire my go getter morning friends though!
Right there with you, sister! I could have written that post myself. Started the year strong, but inching my way later and later each day! Ugh!
thechattymommy said…
I am a total night person, but when I had kids I starting getting up early for them. I don't mind it as much as I used to, but I always say as soon as they leave the nest, I am going right back to being a night person! There is nothing like staying up late and sleeping in! :)
I love it, too! It's just not working for me right now. I hope I can make that {at least temporary} transition like you must have:)

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