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A Major Change

OK, I admit that I'm a chicken when it comes to major hair changes. I've been blonde pretty much all of my life and ever since too many of those *gray things* started appearing, I don't really know what my natural color is. Except that it's a lot darker than blonde....and grayer.

Now all of that hair upkeep does cost some bigger bucks than we've got right now. So in the spirit of being frugal and helping out our very tight budget, I decided to venture down the aisle of the store with all those little boxes. You know, the ones with all of those colors, millions of colors....for your hair. Talk about overwhelming! I immediately called my sister, whose hair I like to call *the color of the week* (just kidding, Kari!). But it is fair to say that she has much, much more experience in this area--I like to leave it to the professionals. But I'd had it with those roots and something had to be done.

So I decided to go basically back to my natural color (whatever that is!) and do an all-over single color--as opposed to the foils I've been getting. The process went something like this:

How I looked before box of color #1 (which was something called light ash brown, I think):

How I looked after box of color #1. It turned all of my blonde light purple/silver:
So, after a good laugh about the unbelieveableness (is that a word?) of the situation, I grabbed a ball cap and headed to CVS for a conference call with my sister who was at her local Walgreens to look at the hair color boxes with me. And after much deliberation, we found a dark brown (darker than I realized) and I headed back home for a re-do. The result (sorry about the headband, but once you put one on, you can't go back) was this:

All of this took place on Tuesday. I was completely upset about it for two days and couldn't yet blog about it. Vince swears that he really likes it--and he seems sincere. But I have to wonder because he's always talked about how much he likes blonde hair. But I figured he'd rather have a brunette wife than a gray one--at least at our age. So I'm now getting a little more used to it and don't feel like I'm wearing a wig every time I look in the mirror. I may even decide I like it. We'll see when those roots start showing again...


Anonymous said…
oh! that's hilarious!! you know i'm right there with you on the grays. and i REALLY like the dark. i really do. i'll be anxious to see if it grows on you. it looks GOOD.
Kari said…
I do really like the brown, too, but I know it's a shock after 37 years of blonde. =) If it's any consolation, mine's too dark right now, too. haha
Betsy Brock said…
Honestly? I think you look 10 years younger! :)
Michelle M. said…
I love it!

One time, I tried to color my hair a nice auburn, but it turned out HOT PINK. I also had to run to the drug store with a hat on :)
Oh, y'all are making me feel so good!

And, Betsy--you're my BFF!!!:)
Kelli said…
I think it is a lovely color, Lora! You are beautiful!
Nihal said…
Oh honestly I'm sad to have lost another blonde like me:(
Yes your new image is also good but I'd vote endless vote for your blonde image:)
Lorie said…
It is quite a change, so I can see why it would take you some getting used to, but honestly I think you look gorgeous! I would stay dark if I were you!
Anonymous said…
Lora, I LOVE YOUR HAIR!!! Look what I got started! :) I will hopefully post some pics on my facebook of my darker locks sometime soon. But, seriously, it looks great on you!!
Sarah C.
Betsy Brock said…
So....did anyone recognize you at church today???
I love the dark! It is beautiful on you!
Lisa said…
Oh Lora! I love it. I really think it looks great. I took a break from the computer over the weekend, so I'm just now checking the blogs. You look like a teenager in w/ your new hair and headband!
Your hair looks wonderful! I really do love it dark! I'm like you though, changing my hair is frightening. Reese can do it with no problem, but someone has to really talk me into a big change.

KC said…
Lora, It looks amazing.. and I have to agree about it making you look younger.. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!
I do know what you mean though about not sure if you like it or not.. I have been thinking about going dark.. I just don't know.. after seeing your picture I'm really really thinking about it again.. I have been coloring my hair for about 15 years now, just because I was blond for most of my life but a dirty blond or dish water blond so I started coloring it just to give it a nicer brighter color not so blah.. ONLY just this year my roots are not a dirty blond they are coming in almost black and mixed in that black is alot of grey.. I don't want to have to color my hair every month to cover roots.. in the past years when I colored my hair I could go 3 months before the roots were bad.. and I don't want to spend extra money on it..
MY problem is this.. if I color it darker the roots won't need touched up as much.. BUT if it is darker wouldn't the grey show up more since now the greys can almost mixed right in with the blond(except for on the dark roots) UGH..... I don't know what to do.. Don't have money to spend on my hair, yet don't want to look awful either...

but I truely do love your hair dark
Wow! You know, it looks really good, although I can imagine the shock! Try it for a while and see! That's the beauty of those little bottles! There's always another one waiting! :-)
Kate said…
I know I'm a little late throwing my 2 cents in here, but I love it! I think it looks great. I'm glad you're getting used to it, and that you've received so much positive feedback on it.

it's been a few years since I dyed my hair, but now I really want to. Am I brave enough to do it before going to my parent's before Thanksgiving though? That's a tough call.
Nancy said…
Wow...Lora with brown hair. I think it looks amazing! And I agree it makes you look younger.

I just paid to have mine colored again, and I'm really considering doing the box color next time, but it is just SOOO intimidating! A friend of mine does it all the time...I might have to enlist her help...or call Kari! :)

You really look beautiful!
Anonymous said…
Lora, I love the brown...of course I'm a little partial to it myself. It looks really good on you so please don't revert to ball caps or wigs. I love y'all and miss seeing you. Tell the kiddos I said hello.

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