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Fun Cooking With Kids....Sort of

In my previous post on this week's dinner plans I talked about getting out one of my childhood cookbooks, Betty Crocker's Cookbook for Boys & Girls.

When I showed it to The Princess, she really wasn't into choosing a main dish, just desserts. So I thought I would pick one out, right? So I choose this one: the No-Crust Wide-Eyed Pizzas. It was a sort of pizza-seasoned hamburger patty topped with a funny face.

Well, making them went pretty well. They kiddos had a good time putting on *their* face.

Cute, right? I thought so anyway and they did, too. I was just hoping they would taste good, too. I served them with some French fries and ketchup.
They were okay--nothing spectacular. The Princess ate a little of hers, but Mr. B wouldn't touch his. He did pick off the face and pinch off the cheese though. Obviously my hope that they would eat something they helped prepare didn't pay off.

Nana Trish commented today that my kids must be good eaters. Well, I hate to admit it, but they aren't really. It can make for frustrating dinner times, too. I really do try to fix a variety of foods and keep their likes/dislikes in mind. The Princess is actually pretty good about at least tasting new things and she does eat fairly well. Mr. B is in some kind of a phase though. And it's wearing me out! I know he's only 3 1/2 and this, too, will most likely pass. But what if it doesn't?! And all he wants to eat for the rest of his life is cheese pizza, chicken nuggets and fish with the occasional bowl of spaghetti-o's? And the other thing that's making me nuts is that his tastes change weekly...sometimes daily! I mean, one day he loves mac-n-cheese then the next week he doesn't. What gives?

How do y'all handle picky little eaters? Do you cater to them and fix them something separate from the rest of the family every night? Or do you encourage them to try new things and always have at least a couple of things on the table that they like? I try to do the later because I refuse to be a short-order-cook at home:)

I'd LOVE to hear your thoughts on this. I could really use some advice, tips, encouragement, therapy...whatever!!


Betsy Brock said…
Those faces are so cute on the burgers. I'm sure they will come around to eating. I wouldn't worry. My Taylor was always a great eater...people would stare in amazement when he would eat a tossed salad with dressing at age 2! The other three have all those crazy food hangups that are typical with autism. Your kids just sound perfectly normal! ha-ha! Love the childhood cookbook! If you use it anymore, be sure and share with us!
Thanks, Betsy! That is encouraging! I keep telling myself it's normal and just a phase. Maybe I'll come up with a little mantra to repeat on those frustrating dinner nights: "this too will pass, this too will pass...":)
Lisa said…
I think some kids are pickier eaters than others. Harmony really isn't a picky eater. The only thing she won't eat (that we cook on a regular basis) is biscuits and toast. Other than that, she's good. Canaan is pretty good. Sometimes he fusses about the way something looks, but he will usually try a bite. Zoe, on the other hand, has become picky as she's gotten older. There are alot of things she doesn't eat. And if it *looks funny*, you can forget it. I used to cater to what they would eat and even make them a sandwich if they wouldn't eat what we were having, but that got old really quick! Now I tell them they have to eat what I cook. The rule is they have to try it. They also can't complain about it. I've told them its okay to say they don't like something, but to leave it at that. This doensn't mean that they don't fuss about dinner sometimes. I'm hoping they will eventually grow into enjoying trying new things :)
Kari said…
Sorry the faces didn't entice them any more than that. =) B will come around some day, I'm sure.
I take care of great granddaughter and she eats...mac and cheese, olives, cheese, crackers and candy. I don't have a lot of recipes for putting these items into a well balanced meal. I try fruit and vegies. I was ecstatic one day when she ate tomato soup with lots of crackers! Smiles...

Tuesday Tidings from Roberta Anne
stopping in to say hello and browse around. beautiful family, enjoyed reading the posts. have a great day.
Kayren said…
I think your kids sound pretty typical. My boys could eat Kraft Mac & Cheese forever. You know, sometimes I try to make sure there are one or two things I know they will like, such as the veggie or bread, but I make them try at least three to five bites of everything. It depends on how much I think they will like it and how much of a fuss I think they will make...that's how I determine the three of five. I also don't serve things like liver, brussel sprouts, greens...things my poor husband had to eat growing up. But he likes them all except livers. Anyway, I am a fairly picky eater myself, so I don't fix things that are really what I would call unusual or strange anyway. Honestly, your food looks perfectly normal, too.

You know what's funny though, when we end up eating soup or something plain for a few nights, Caboose has a fit and wants me to cook my "regular food." Go figure!
Vince Farrell said…
While I do believe this is pretty normal for kids, I think you take it harder than you should because you LOVE to cook. And you're a GREAT one...I'm living proof..;)
Just remember, this is a phase and they will come around, for now we have to continue pressing on and being creative....there will be a day when your meatloaf takes the place of McD's chicken nuggets. ;)
Michelle M. said…
I bet my kiddos would love that cookbook. Punky loves cooking and baking. My kids aren't really great eaters either. We make them try everything, but that doesn't mean they actually eat it. HOpefully they will come around when they are little bit older.
I had that exact same cookbook Lora! I remember always begging my mom to let me make those burgers. I guess it's a good thing we didn't.

The very first meal I ever made on my own came from that was cornish hens, some sides that I can't remember, and a cherry dessert. I wish I still had mine!!
I had that exact same cookbook Lora! I remember always begging my mom to let me make those burgers. I guess it's a good thing we didn't.

The very first meal I ever made on my own came from that was cornish hens, some sides that I can't remember, and a cherry dessert. I wish I still had mine!!
Nancy said…
Hey! Sounds like your kiddos are fairly normal, although I completely understand your frustration. Little Miss was a FABULOUS eater (and still is for the most part). I remember thinking, "what's the big deal...just offer a variety and kids will eat!" Then along came Little Man...he'll try most things, but doesn't like nearly as much as L-Miss does! For awhile I catered to him (after all, he still can't quite eat everything we do!) Now I offer what we're having (unless it's something too spicy or something I'm afraid to offer b/c of his peanut allergy), and if he doesn't like it, I won't fix him something else, but I'll offer something that's "no fail" (yogurt, applesauce, etc.) I try to remember that he is still getting the hang of table foods, but I also don't want to become a short-order cook! I also realized that if I started catering to L-Man, then L-Miss "suddenly" became more picky and demanding. So I put a stop to it (within reason, since he is only 18 months old!)
Theresa said…
My girls aren't all that picky, but I had that very same cookbook when I was a kid and use it now with my kids!! LOVE it! And the Betty Crocker Cookie Book!

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