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Just Call Me A Tourist

We are coming up on our last few days here in Arkansas. Our trip here has been extended by a few days. Vince and my dad have decided to attend a conference in Little Rock this week before we go back to Alabama. It's worked out pretty well, although I am really getting tired of the outfits I brought. haha!

This past weekend we went to Tulsa to visit Vince's side of the family. We all had a great time! Tulsa has a new children's museum~Kaleidoscope~and it was so much fun. They had created some very fun rooms for the kids' to imagine in:

*the doctor's office*

*the beauty shop*

*the grocery store*

(I want this map!:)

*the huge playroom*

Playing along with your kiddos at places like this makes me feel like a kid again, too! I love it! We really enjoy visiting places like this when we're in different cities.

In fact, I'm always on the lookout for new places to take the kiddos. Since we've lived in AL, I've often been told by locals, "I've lived here my whole live and have never visited/heard of that place-how did you know?" Well, I call it *always being the tourist in your own town*. It's so informative to check out your local websites. These have all the sites, attractions, events calendar, etc., that gives you so much info on your area. I also stay updated on our hometown area in AR so that when we come for visits I have new places to take the kiddos. It has been a very beneficial thing to do!

Am I the only one who does this? I'd love to hear about your ideas on staying current in your own hometown.


Stephanie said…
Hey Lora, just heard the great news about your house. Congrats!
Kayren said…
You have news about your house? Tell, tell!!!

It seems like you've been gone a month, but I don't think it's been that long. Or maybe it has.

We do the same thing you do with checking local stuff out. Area stuff, too. Since our hometowns in the past have been hometowns shorter-term, we always wanted to take advantage of it knowing that we might not be there for more than two or three years. We usually focused on zoos, our kids favorites, or animal-themed type things, like the living museum, then worked out from there. We had a blast at Williamsburg when we were in Virginia. That was one of our high points when we lived there.

So exactly when are you going back, and have a safe trip when you do, and really, tell soon...

~ Kayren
Thanks, Stephanie!! We're excited!
Yes, we sold our house...I just blogged all about it!

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