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New Challenges in the Kitchen

So this past week we were thrown a little curve in life: we found out that my husband Vince's cholesterol is on the high side. So we are now on the path to change that. I feel like I've been somewhat irresponsible in my cooking (I love butter!) and I definitely want to do my part to help. I've been doing a little research and talking to a few people to get some advice. My plan starts with using ground turkey instead of ground beef, eating more fish (although we already eat fish often), and cutting out most red meat. And I've already made the switch to Smart Balance butter. It's really good~you should try it!

I'd love to hear your thoughts on the subject: if you face this challenge, how you cook more healthfully, etc. So leave me a comment, please, and give me your advice! Thanks!

Here's this week's plan:

Monday: pinto beans & cornbread
Tuesday: macaroni & cheese w/veggies
Wednesday: scrambled eggs, bacon & biscuits
Thursday: tacos
Friday: grilled salmon w/baked potatoes
Saturday: stromboli (that was a HUGE hit last week!)


Sombra said…
lowering cholesterol.. I read an article yesterday citing chlorinated water as the culprit for cholesterol settling in the arteries and causing heart disease. The article was most convincing, however it was not online, but in a trade magazine.. maybe if it piques your interest you could search it out online.
Sombra said…
oh, and taking cayenne pepper in capsules seems to be a "Roto router" to cleaning out all that gunk from the arteries. It's not butter, don't blame yourself.
Amanda said…
My hubs still refuses to get his cholesterol checked, but I operate under the assumption that it is probably high. Here is a like to a turkey burger that we both love. It is healthy and inexpensive!! :)
Kelli said…
HI! I am stopping by from Org Junkie’s site! Your menu looks yummy. :-)

Cheerios :-) If you believe everything they say. LOL!

Kelli – 3 Boys & a Dog: homeschooling, recipes, reviews, giveaways, Fave Friday & more!
Megan said…
Oatmeal is supposed to help, but I don't know if it really does. My husband had high cholesterol a few years ago and we tried all the dr-recommended diet fixes, and the numbers barely moved. The only way his numbers went down was with taking meds :( It's not the butter you're feeding him! Some people are just predisposed to high cholesterol. My husband and I eat the same foods and my cholesterol is excellent.
Linda said…
I had high cholesterol a few years ago, over 200 now it is down to 165. I cut down on fat. I switch from whole cheese to 2% cheese(you can even cook with it, I especially like Cracker Barrel 2% sharp) and whole milk to fat-free. I also limited myself on eating red meat and desserts (Ice cream has a lot cholesterol. Switching oils help too. I only use canola and olive oil and use cooking spray as much as possible. I also bake as much as possible instead of frying. The most important is eating vegetables and exercising. I know it isn't fun but it is very important.
Anonymous said…
Great menu. I haven't had a stromboli in a while. I will have to put it on a menu soon!
Y'all definitely have a way of making a girl feel so much better about her butter obsession!! :)
Hi! Have you tried Red Yeast Rice Capsules? You can get them from a natural food store, and they seem to do a great job.
Betsy Brock said…
I have high cholesterol. I lowered my points significantly by taking some dietary oils and niacin...and don't forget the Cheerios and exercise! :) And...I kept the real butter....just watched the amount.
Unknown said…
My dad was able to lower his cholesterol by over 30 points in three months just by changing his diet. I took a class with my mom at a local hospital about lowering your cholesterol to try and help him out. I highly recommend trying to do this. It was only two, 1 hr 30 min classes and we learned so much! Probably more than anyone would every want to know about cholesterol. Absolutely zero red meat and lots of fish, fruit and veggies.
Kayren said…
Don't eggs have lots of cholesterol, at least the yolks? If so, you could substitute with Egg Beaters. I noticed you had scrambled eggs on your menu this week.
Yes, Kayren! I bought some Egg Beaters this week:)
Kirsten said…
Hey Lori,

Jon has high cholesterol even though he runs marathons and eats relatively well. Genetics. To balance his DNA we try to keep our food as "natural" as we can. Lots of good oils from almonds, fish and olive oil. He has added a bit of dark chocolate to help him get over his need for sweet cola drinks. It is not all that fair. My dad smokes and eats junk, yet has great cholesterol. Go figure!

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