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Fun With 4th of July Crafts: Part 3

I love my new patriotic front door wreath!!

I had fun putting this together, although I must admit this is more of an adult craft than one for kiddos. I was inspired by this article in Family Fun magazine.

I didn't have quite everything I needed for this one, but all I had to purchase was a few sheets of scrapbook paper and some double-sided tape. Then all I had to gather up were some scissors, regular Scotch tape, a ruler and some cardboard.

First I cut four (5"x 6") pieces of each paper.

Then by placing a piece of double-sided tape on one of the short ends of the papers, I rolled them into cones, pressing the seams together well.

Then I cut a 10" circle out of cardboard and began to stick the cones on it. I used another piece of double-sided tape to stick the cones on, arranging them in a circular pattern.

Next I used regular Scotch tape to attach them on the back to the back of the cardboard.

After getting all the cones on, I was ready for my centerpiece. Here I strayed from the Family Fun tutorial and used some (free downloadable) clip art from Martha Stewart. I attached the center medallion with double-sided tape. I LOVE the way it turned out!

Finally I was ready to hang up my wreath.

So using a piece of navy ribbon and a stapler, I attached the ribbon to the top of the cardboard and was ready to go!

My new front door beauty!!

You can see our other 4th of July crafts here and here.


Shell-Belle said…
oh I love it! May have to try that right after we paint rocks!! :] So glad you shared it! & of course, the step-by-step is a must for me!
Let me know if you make it~I'd love to see yours, too!
Debbie said…
So cute! Do you have a link to the center "LIBERTY"? I would love to make one of these? My email is Thanks so much!
Sarah said…
Thanks for the instructions! I just made the wreath... had to do it twice because the first time didn't work out. I'm so excited about it now!
Unknown said…
Hi Lora!

I love this wreath! I included it in my roundup of fantastic 4th of July craft ideas here:

Hope you like it! :)

Thank you so much for sharing my wreath! Can't wait to check out more of your 4th of July round-up!
Mommy Evolution said…
I saw this on a 4th of July roundup and just had to pin it. I hope you’ll share your best post of the week on my Friday Flash Blog Linky Party going on ALL weekend at The Jenny Evolution.

Hi! I love your paper wreath! I featured it in my post of Ten 4th of July Decorations to make at I thank you for sharing your tutorial and am exited to include it alongside other great 4th of July decorations tutorials!
Thanks for the instructions! I just made the wreath... had to do it twice because the first time didn't work out. I'm so excited about it now!
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