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Our Learning Room

Welcome to our Learning Room!

In what was formerly the dining room of our home, one entire wall is a custom book case that my awesome hubby built for us last year (you can read more about that here).  We love it!!  The shelves are all different shapes and sizes so it's not monotonous and I even have wall space to hang things.  We have that wall FULL :)

Here is our large USA print, our workbox charts, printer/copier/scanner and lots of extra paper.

There are, of course, more books across the room from the wall of books, plus extra school books and lots of art supplies.  

This is our take on the workbox system.  These are scrapbook paper shelves--one per kiddo--and I have added subject tabs with sticky velcro dots.  It's a pretty simple system for us and I'm still tweaking it, but it seems to be working well so far.  

This is our computer desk along with our large wall that holds our chalkboard and whatever charts/art/misc. I want to hang (with sticky tack).  I have decided to hang up some reproduction historical American documents this year: the Declaration of Independence, The Constitution, The Bill of Rights and the Gettysburg Address.  

My favorite clock :)  It was in The Princess' nursery and I just can't give it up.  It works great in our learning room with it's little swinging basket--plus it even has a literary theme with Little Red Riding Hood.

These are our posters from We Choose Virtues for our character training and development.  I will also be adding some other character trait cards to our walls as we focus on them.

Our morning board consists of our calendar, days of the week, make the date with money, the weather...

...writing the time and the temperature...

...and keeping track of the seasons and our days in school.  

This is The Princess' desk and ...

...this is Mr. B's desk.  They are back-to-back in the center of the room.  This isn't always the best set-up, but it's the only place for them in our learning room.  However, the kiddos don't always do school at their desks.  Sometimes it's in the floor, at the kitchen table, on the couch, in an easy chair or on the deck.  

We even have a cool bell for our school room (which I always forget to ring--although sometimes the kids ring it to tell me how good dinner  I need to use this bell more this year :)

I must admit I love seeing other homeschool families' learning rooms and spaces.  I always get great ideas to use in our own home.  So I can't wait to go blog hopping today!!  Check out the links below and go hopping, too!

Not Back to School Blog Hop



Stefanie said…
You have a beautiful room. I love the wall color. The wall color is the one thing I don't love about our current school room. It's something else. lol
Mary said…
Love the bell!
Anonymous said…
Awesome bell! I also really like the book shelving with all the various sizes in it. :-)
Julie said…
Now those are some great shelves. High five for the hubby! Those workboxes are great and what a space saver.
Love the workboxes! Where did you get the shelves? I'm always looking for shelves for my scrapbook paper.
April said…
How cool is that bell? I love your click, too-- we have The Three Bears click that looks like it was made by the same people. We got ours at Tuesday Morning. Beautiful space Lora!
Steve Finnell said…
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Taunya Richards~
The scrapbook paper shelves that serve as our workboxes are from Hobby Lobby. Something similar could probably be found at any store that sells scrapbook supplies though.
Sarah said…
I love your custom wall shelving! I wish my husband was handy like that, sigh!!

Hope you have a great year!

Melissa said…
Love those shelves and bell!
jeana said…
Love this room! The clock is precious, I wouldn't be able to part with it either!
Unknown said…
I LOVE the wall bookshelf!
What a great school-room, love it! And I LOVE the bell! :)
Sarah said…
Great room! Love those shelves and what a good idea to make them different sizes. I think it looks much nicer.

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