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Wrapping up Thirty for 30

Wow.  Where has January gone?!?  This may have been the fastest, busiest start to a year that I've had yet.  I hope this isn't a sign that they just keep going faster the older I get.

When my friend Nancy at There Is Grace first gave us this Thirty for 30 challenge I really didn't think it would be that hard.  Little did I realize how this month was going to throw me for a loop.

I had visions of kicking off our new homeschool semester by getting up extra early, enjoying winter mornings in peace and quiet.  But my night owl tendencies kept showing up, my early-bird son got up before me nearly every morning (while I continued to hit snooze), and I experienced a strange period of extreme fatigue during this month.  Still not sure what that was about, maybe it was a winter weather-related thing.  Whatever it was though was really hard.  I dragged around for days.

Then there was my decision to try the Read-the-Bible-in-90-Days plan.  Um...yeah...what was I thinking?  This wasn't the right timing for that, I'm afraid.  However I did make a significant start on reading through the Bible in a year, in fact I'm way ahead on that schedule (which makes me feel good!).  So rather than feeling defeated in that goal, I am trucking on in my goal to read through my Bible again this year.  Doing it in 365 days is better than not at all.

So all-in-all, I am encouraged with this very good start to 2013.  Starting my days in God's Word is always rewarding (even if you're sort of bogged down in Leviticus) and even if I oversleep and don't read until later in the day God's grace is still there for me and any time spent in God's Word is time well-spent.

Did you participate in Thirty for 30?  If so, I hope that you've had a great Bible-reading kick-off to your new year as well.  And don't be discouraged if you didn't meet your goal.  At least you're setting some goals!  So pick up where you are and continue on in meeting your goals.

If you would like to link up to There Is Grace today, just hop over here!


Nicole said…
Those darned late nights and then late mornings! I am with you! I am not a night owl AT ALL! But I find myself staying up too late watching television, blogging, and reading after the kids go to bed cause I am alone and it's my quiet time! Then I wait until the last minute to get up and then the whole day is rushed and stressful. I know the remedy to this ... get to bed earlier, get up earlier, have my quiet time, get completely ready before the kids get up. Why don't I just do it???
Oh, Nicole, I so know what you mean! I'm such a night owl by nature that I just LOVE that time after the kiddos are tucked in when I can watch something on Netflix or just hang out with my hubby:)
Girls, I am right there with you! As a matter of fact, that was my post today, too! At least we've got a jump on it, and I feel I am better off now than I was 30 days ago. Thanks, Lora, for doing the challenge with me! Looking forward to doing something together again's been fun!!
Kari said…
I've started a 90-day plan, but I'm doing it with the Audio Bible setting on my Bible app. It's going much more smoothly than any plan I've tried before. It'll probably take me longer than 3 months to finish, but I WILL finish!! lol

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