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A New Homeschool Planner and a {giveaway}!!

If you've been around me or my blog for long then you know that I love planning.  And I am a paper and pen/pencil kind of girl--haven't quite made it to the digital planner stage much. 

A really good homeschool planner is very essential to me and I'm excited to share this brand new downloadable one recently released by one of my in-real-life friends, Jennifer at Godly Glimpses.  She has created a very useful and detailed homeschooling planner ...and it's SO pretty, too (I LOVE functional AND pretty!!).  

This lovely planner comes with:
  • a couple of choices for the cover (which Jennifer even offers to personalize with your family name or other title should you so desire)  
  • parent and student info pages (with lots of color options)
  • goal planning sheets
  • year-at-a-glance AND full calendar pages for each month
  • daily schedule spread sheets
  • attendance charts
  • grade sheets
  • curriculum lists
  • weekly planning pages
  • Scripture memory lists (I love these!)
  • field trip logs
....and SO much more!  Jennifer even includes a personal note telling how she likes to organize her personal copy and gives some great tips in this download of 51 pages.  

I am very excited to be trying out this planner this year since the one I have been using is merely a hodge-podge of random pages.  The detailed sheets included in this planner are incredibly helpful to me and having so many color choices is lots of fun, too.  Jennifer has really put a lot of thought and care into this planner and it shows.  

You can purchase this planner for $15 through this link.  Jennifer has generously given My Blessed Life readers a 20% off coupon code: BLESSED20 (good through September 30, 2013).

Now for the really fun part ...Jennifer is allowing me to giveaway a free download of her planner to one of my readers!!  Who loves free stuff?!!  

To enter to win this amazing homeschool planner simply leave a comment answering this question:  
What is the most essential thing to you 
in a homeschool planner?  

Then get started with Rafflecopter: 
a Rafflecopter giveaway

I will announce the winner next Wednesday, August 28th.

Disclaimer:  I received a free copy of this homeschool planner in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.  No other compensation was received.

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Jessica said…
My most essential thing in a homeschool planner is lots of room for individual planing for each child.
I agree with Jessica-room to plan for each boy so we stay on track!
Unknown said…
Well, now that I'm down to just 3 in school, I confess I get pretty sloppy with planning. I just need something that is easy to use that will keep me on track and I won't forget STUFF!!
Kelly Tillotson said…
indvidual planning/progress info for each kiddo
Lindsay Madsen said…
This is my first year homeschooling. I need all the help that I can get when it comes to planning. Love your blog!
Lisa C. said…
I definitely need plenty of room for planning for my five children! And, honestly, I like them to be pretty! :> It gives my homeschooling day a little boost of beautiful!
Sharon K said…
I have no children but wish to pass this resource on to my daughter in the faith who is a young mother and just beginning to school her children at home.
Unknown said…
I would love to love planning!!!!
Lots of room for lists and making notes for each subject.
Shannon Wallace said…
Plenty of blank fill in the space for writing what we did and plenty of space for what we've read. :-)

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