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Getting Back-to-Nature and Also Some Campfire Pockets That You'll Love!

This past Monday and Tuesday we were able to sneak out of town for a couple of days at a nearby campground and enjoy getting back to nature.  That's definitely a perk of homeschooling--not being confined by a calendar!  

And we had so much fun!  It was good to enjoy the quiet of the woods, although those birds and bugs and such get pretty loud in the night and early mornings sometimes! ;)  The weather couldn't have been more perfect either!  We loved the not-too-warm days and the cool nights.  

And we had some pretty good eats on this trip!  (even if I did forget a few things...).  This trip was planned kind of last minute so I was throwing a camping menu together quickly by checking my camping Pinterest board and scanning my pantry.  We did pretty well.  

Here's what the plan was for our two days in the woods (reality added in parentheses) :

Day 1:
(arrive mid-morning)
Lunch: Hamburgers & Baked Beans (we were hungry so I didn't bother to heat up the beans, we ate them straight from the can)
Dinner: Frito Chili Pies & S'mores (I took canned chili and it was heartburn-city for me, nobody else really liked it either)

Day 2:
Breakfast: Pancakes & Bacon (I forgot the butter for the pancakes but it was okay because we had syrup; however it's hard to prepare pancakes and bacon when you just have one skillet so we just decided to forgo the bacon.  I know, sad.)
Lunch: Sandwiches & Chips
Dinner: Campfire Pockets & Banana Boats (I totally forgot the smoked sausage for the pockets, but we subbed just fine with grilled deli chicken)

Day 3:
Breakfast: Blueberry Muffins & Hard-boiled Eggs (the muffins got ruined by the time we got to camp on Monday so I had to toss them.  Only Mr. B chowed down on the boiled eggs ...the rest of us grabbed something at Mickey D's on the way home)
(head home)

M & M's
Fruit Strips

Bottled Water w/flavor packets
Apple Juice
Hot Chocolate

The Campfire Pockets really were a standout on this trip though!  We all loved them and they were easy and fun to make.  Thought you might want to try them on your next camping trip!

Campfire Pockets
1 small-ish potato per person
1 handful of baby carrots per person
1 slice of a medium onion per person
1/4 cup canned corn per person
Seasoned Salt
Meat of  your choice:sliced smoked sausages
ground beef (add in raw)
pre-grilled deli chicken
bacon (add in cooked or raw)
**I used the chicken and bacon this time**
Using heavy-duty foil, tear off a large piece per person.
Then on each piece of foil add your veggies for each person,
leaving lots of room on the edges of your foil.
Sprinkle veggies with seasoned salt and pepper.
Then add your meat on top of veggies, adding a little more
seasoning if desired.  
Wrap up the foil packets, rolling up the end and top seams to 
keep it all in.  
Place over hot, ashy coals on your fire pit or grill and let
cook for about 30-40 minutes.  
Unwrap them carefully, avoiding the steam, and dump
contents onto a plate, serve with some crusty bread, and dig in!

(Other veggies of your choice will work great in these as well!)

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Unknown said…
We live on 5 acres and sometimes camp in our backyard. I love this post and have pinned. Featuring at Family Fun Friday!

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